Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

I have really enjoyed this last few moments of quiet before the family frenzy! I completed my Chinese Dreams art quilt & made these little collages last night. I need quiet to allow the ideas that rattle around in me time to get expressed! Most Christmases, the days between Christmas and New Years are dedicated to creating and cleaning. This year, we have already cleaned and purged and donated, and we will be south of the border, so I am hoping this change will stimulate further creativity. A little chaos is good for the soul. If we do not keep things stirred up, we will stagnate. And we have all seen what happens to ponds when they stagnate!
I do not want to be full of thick green algae.

Left to do:
1. Pack toiletries
2. Gather gifts for tonights trip to Meme's
3. Confirm with dog sitter
4. Little bit of laundry
5. Holiday libations at Luna
6. Drive to Meme's

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Final quilt of 2007

I finished this art quilt today. It is titled "Chinese Dreams", measures 27"x27". Lot of fun to make. The chinese characters are individual batiks. Most of the fabrics are batiks, with some prints thrown in for variety.
Found this in Boone yesterday:

I had seen on the site of one of my Flickr contacts on Friday. She had photographed it in Isreal. We saw it in Boone and I bought 2, 1 for me, 1 for Jacob. Trying to spread a little peace on Earth!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas cheer and really good beer

From last Christmas, this photo is titled "Jacob & the Christmas Bird". I am so very proud of him!
Today is the first day of my winter vacation, so I began by sleeping until 9:15. Then coffee and crossword puzzle. The Grom lazed about until 10:45. We then ran about gather ingredients for my chocolate cakes and the Christmas friends at Luna and our friend Freddie. We also got some Holiday Duvel for ourselves! The cakes turned out wonderful. I have also performed the yearly task of purchasing, downloading and installing a year of PC virus protection. A PC prophylactic, hehehehe! I was also able to purchase sunscreen for our journey south of the border. Now, we prepare for a dinner party with friends, they have not 1, not 2, but 3 teenaged daughters who will be with them. 2 are biologic, 1 is a Danish exchange student. I hope Jacob will be okay.
Tonight's repast: Teriyaki marinated yard-bird, sea salted baked potatoes, tossed salad, various sweets for dessert. Tomorrow's activities: who knows, I'm on vacation!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

End of year lists

This is my LBD (little brown dog) Sophie. She is very quiet and sweet and makes a neat little warbling sound to get attention!

I have XM radio for my hour long commute and listen to Broadminded on my way home each evening. One night this week they were talking about end of year lists that seem to proliferate this time each year. I have decided to come up with my own for this year.

My list of god things:
1. My dog, Sophie
2. My Big Dog, Murray
3. Friday nights, in my pj's, in front of the fire
4. Sleeping in on Saturday mornings
5. A good book
6. Another good book
7. Sunday newspapers
8. hugs from my son
9. Kisses from my hubby
10. Calls from my friends

What I am looking forward to:
1. Our dinner party with friends tomorrow night
2. Seeing my brother's new puppy
3. Finishing my current quilt
4. Seeing my niece Christmas Eve
5. Our trip to Puerto Vallarta on 12/26
6. The beach at Puerto Vallarta
7. Speaking my elementary spanish in PV
8. Did I mention we are going to PV?
9. Tequila
10. Whale watching

Peace out, sugarplums!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Great gowns

This is the gown Barbra Streisand wore in "Hello Dolly". My number 1 favorite movie gown.
I was inspired to write about my favorite movie clothes after reading Tom & Lorenzo's blog about "White Christmas". They show my #2 favorite gown which is worn by Rosemary Clooney when she sings "Love, You didn't do right by me". I found this blog after reading their Project Rungay blog. Both of their blogs are witty, biting and incredibly funny!
It's not really a great gown, but I love the "ice dacha" set in Doctor Zhivago. And Julie Christie makes even th drab commie garb look chic.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Here's the next one

The inside reads "These are our wishes for you this season."

New pic-collage

I have trying to come up with an idea for our Christmas card, but since we are not all together, I haven't been able to "pose" a picture. I cut and pasted these shots together today. I like it. But it isn't holiday. Maybe I'll get an idea later!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Mission Accomplished

Whew! I have really got it done today! I have not been working in my studio this week for a couple of reasons: my boss, and other visitors were in my office this week and was at the office very late each day; my studio has been a wreck. The boss and visitors left Friday. So I decided to tackle the studio today. As you can see by the pics above, I got it done. I am very pleased with the results. I needed to go through completed project piles and purge. I can not keep everything, I need empty, clean areas to work. Too much stuff makes me fidgety. I also cleaned the closet in this room and moved in a wooden shelf to hold more of my supplies. Amazing that I have waited all my life for such a room. A creative space, not a corner in the bed room, dining room or den. A space where I can store my stuff and organize it so I will feel relaxed and ready to create.
What inspired this? Well, I am ready to start another quilt. I had to lay the fabrics out on the dining room table since my studio was a mess. That did not make sense to me, especially since we are trying to get some holiday decor out! Now, I have the studio ready, which leads to the dining room being clean, and now I can put on the Christmas centerpiece.
Feels good to have a clean, organized space!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Great long weekend

Top image: Jacob, Dad and Kent on Thanksgiving Day
Bottom image: detail of a window

Time this weekend to think. I am very thankful!

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Here it is, the calm before the storm of my Mom's food!
I am thankful. Of the many blessings in my life, these stand out:
1. I am so lucky to have my husband! And he is incredibly lucky to have me! After 24 years together, we still make each mad, and make each other laugh. I still can't wait to see his face every single day!
2. Our incredible Man-Cub. He is truly a blessing beyond compare. I am grateful he is big, strong, smart, funny, loud, obnoxious, passionate and silly.
3. Our parents made us what we are, and I am very grateful we still have my mom and dad and Al's Mom around to keep us who we are.
4. My dogs are the greatest, funniest, most spoiled pets around, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
5. I am very thankful to have discovered Ann Taylor pants. They feel great and make my butt look marvelous!
6. Coffee. I am thankful for coffee.

Hope your list is added to this day! Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 12, 2007

This is what joy looks like!

Behind 28-o at the half.
Getting thumped by a D3 school.
Coming back in the 3rdQ with an 84 yard reception for
the first TD.
Tying the game in the 4th to force Overtime.
Prevailing after FOUR OT's to win 61-55: PRICELESS.
Absolute JOY! Liberating DELIGHT.
What a way to end the season.
Saturday's game was unlike any I have ever witnessed. The team looked comatose in the first half. They came out on the first drive and threw an interception. They could not stop anything. We were defeated going into half-time.
I do not know where they found the fortitude, but they came out in the 3rd quarter and PLAYED LIKE MEN!!! We (fans in the stands) knew that if we could tie, we could win in OT. The defense had such energy , the offense pulled together and moved the ball. But what a finish! Needless to say, joy, glee, delight, vindication, relief, satisfaction, pride, love, all these emotions were obvious and being expressed. There was hugging, back-slapping, high-fives, cheek kissing going on. Smiles, laughter, congratulations. This has been a long tough season, but such a victory, not just over the opposing team, but also over the critics, is a great way to end the season. My man-cub's freshman season. The Chowan Hawks finish up with a 2-9 record, doubling last years wins. This was their first year in D2, and next season will be their first in the CIAA. I am so proud of my son, and all the other sons, the coaches and fans. It is great to be a part of this group. GO HAWKS!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

All the leaves are brown...

But the skies have been bright blue! I definitely feel the change in the angle of the sunlight, and I get quite down about the shortness of the days, but I revel in the saturated colors I am seeing this week. The red leaves seem to glow from within on my morning commute. While all those who know me, realize how profoundly the lack of light affects me, I do take solace in the majesty of nature's colors. Also, I am hoping for the weather to be appropriate for CU's last football game this weekend.

Been quiet here this week. My big man has been @Ga Tech taking a class. Just me and the hounds each evening. I am sort of drifting, no hobby stuff to work on. That will change tomorrow. I am going to Mom's after work and staying until Saturday. We are going to make a quilt top for Meme, I will then have that to quilt next week.
Elections went as predicted here. The write-in mayoral race was much closer than I believe the incumbent though it would be. It is dangerous to assume, especially in these times of unsettled people and unstable economies. I, for one, like change. I think new people bring great energy and this little burg needs to keep things stirred up if they want to progress.

Monday, November 5, 2007


This is Jeff on the line for his race. I call it "An angry man".
I spent yesterday at the Lenoir Cycle Cross race. If you haven't seen Cycle Cross, you have got to try it! These people are masochists of the lowest order! They not only survive the mind-racking pain of the race, they thrive on it! Some of these psychos ride in 2 races at the same event! Cycle Cross is sort of like cross-country riding, with hairpin "S" turns, steep climbs and barriers you have to carry your bike over. The races generally run for a set time, the longest was about an hour. This particular course was 2 miles and the Men's Pros were doing it in under 7 minutes. Lots of thrills, chills and spills, some scrapes, bruises and blood! For more highlights check out Shawn's blog.

Spent Saturday at Presbyterian College for the CU vs PC game. Man Cub started and played well, but the mighty Hawks fell to 1-9 for the season. It was a spectacular autumn day, an excellent day to be outside. One more game, next Saturday in Newport News, then Jacob's Freshman season can go into the books!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Wonderful mini vacation

Man and I had a glorious long weekend road trip. 5 days of just go and see. No set schedule, no where we had to be. Until Man-cub's game on Saturday. We laughed a lot and talked a lot and listened to XM radio. We read, laid on the beach, walked, ate, and etc. Great time!
My first visit to Florida's Gulf coast, and hopefully not my last! The beach was quiet, we had it to ourselves. The sand was soft and white, many birds, sea sponges, shells, gentle breezes. If I lived there, I would never leave. But then, my life goal is to live on the coast. I truly feel at peace near the ocean.
Time away from everyday crap refreshes and refocuses me. Even though I went back to work today, I still feel relaxed.

Monday, October 22, 2007

What I want for my Man-cub

I want him to face challenges that leave him stronger and more secure in his abilities.
I want him to find love, with a fantastic person who makes him laugh and who laughs at his jokes.
I want him to have options in life.
I want him to apply himself from the start, not half-way through!
I want him to star in a play, to write what he loves, to see Jimmy Buffet in concert.
I want him to recover a fumble and run for a touchdown (this is my list, I can wish for what I want!)
I want him to win a cyclecross race.
I want him to have the opportunity to pursue his passions in a peaceful world.
I want him to be content.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday afternoon

Went to M-boro yesterday. Saw my Man-cub. Mom made the journey with us. The game was another painful loss. They really need to recruit some defensive players! The man-cub is doing well. He needs to focus on his studies! Met his religion teacher. She is a very nice lady with a delightful accent! She had nice things to say about my son! He is so smart but tends to procrastinate on the education front!
Only working 2 days this week, then road-trip to FLA.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


*Long Time No Blog. What can I say? I have been very busy, work, travel to football games, sleep, work, walk dogs, work, laundry, work, blah, blah, blah.
My team surprised me today. It was "Bosses Day" and they bought me a new Vera Bradley Bowler bag in the new Kensington pattern! Exactly what I wanted! I feel very humbled by their love and affection. I am truly blessed to work with this group of people. If I have to be a manger, these are the people I want reporting to me.
Spent last weekend at Myrtle Beach. I had Friday all to myself. It was wonderful!!! I am really looking forward to our trip to Florida next week. Al and I need an extended time away, together.
I have been researching trips for us to take at Christmas, but haven't settled on one yet. I want it to involve sun, sand, ocean, and fun!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Man-cub came home!

My boy came home for the weekend! This is the first weekend he has had off. We really enjoyed having him here. My son is so smart, strong and handsome. He is charming, witting and entertaining!
Here he is in his dorm with the quilt I made for him.
He got home Thursday night, did laundry, saw some friends, went to the high school game Friday night and the ASU game yesterday. My mom-in-law came up for dinner today and that rounded out the weekend.
Next weekend we head for the beach. Jacob's team is playing down there next Saturday, and I am taking Friday off and driving down Thursday after work. It will be a nice long weekend.

Work is work. A little easier for me since Kristen has moved down from NYC and is the office. She has this great creative energy that keeps me upbeat.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Mid week wanderings

Things I love:
My dog, Murray's soft ears.
My other dog, Sophie, lying on her back, wagging her tail, wishing for a belly-rub.
Eggs and sausage scrambled together. (Al fixed this for supper tonight!)
New art supplies
Unlimited time to do art stuff
Getting in the "zone" on a project, feeling totally in the moment
Krispy Kreme Lemon-filled doughnuts
Crushed ice in a soft drink
The Atlantic Ocean
My sweet hubby
My fabulous son
My hysterically funny Dad
My impossibly naive Mom
My bellicose, genius brother
My sisters-in-law, Shelia and Staci
My wonderful Mother-in-Law (Meme)
Margaritas, Cosmos, Mojitos
Blackberry Cobbler
Naomi's Chocolate cake
Colors (all of them)
Color combos: pink and brown; soft blue and brown; red, orange, purple and gold; black and white polka dots
Little birds

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Autumn arrives

Autumn is an ambivalent time for me. Yeah, the drier air is nice, the lack of haze brightens colors, the cool mornings are refreshing. But the slanting rays of the sun also mean the coming darkness. And I do not deal well with that.
I try to focus on the positives: the lower humidity, cooler temps mean I can rotate some different clothes, enjoying my rides and walks more.
I gave my son the quilt I made for him. Hard to tell, but I think he likes it. I know he doesn't yet understand the work that goes into its construction, but he does have a good eye for design. He has moved into a different dorm and seems to be happier there. I still mis him everyday, but I know this experience is good for him. And he needs the degree in order to make the future he wants.

Thursday, September 27, 2007


This store's name says it all! No guessing at what they sell!
South Beach is wide open.
I adore big cities. The variety of people, culture, food, clothing, ideas. I love hearing different languages and accents. I love seeing how people put themselves together. Their clothes, makeup, way of walking. I usually feel too big, fat, strange & weird in my little piss-ant town, but when I go to NYC, Chicago, Miami, DC, I actually feel like I fit in.

Well, it is Thursday again. I am living for the weekend. See the man-cub play football. Have some quiet time. hmmmm

Friday, September 21, 2007

SoBe baby

I have always wanted to go to Miami. To me, this city represents glamor, excitement, an exotic place in the US. I was not there long enough to see much, just long enough to know I want to go back! The sun light was fabulous, the colors intense, the music mesmerizing, the Hispanic influence was MAGIC. I ate lots of fresh tuna, fruit and rice. I drank Mojitos. I want to return.
Work still sucks. Too much to do, not enough time or help. I am making an escape plan.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

my job sucks

nothing worse than being gone for 3 days (on a business trip) to return to a freaking chaotic scrum fest. Yep, the slight glow I picked up in SoBe was replaced quickly by the flush of anger and frustration. I am really sick of it.
More on Miami later.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Pure Joy, Bliss, Dee-lite

My son's football team, the Chowan University Hawks, snapped an 18 game loosing streak yesterday. They defeated their rival Methodist University in OT, 31-30. The was such an outpouring of joy and delight, you could feel it in the air. My jaws are sore today from smiling so much! Those guys, the coaches and players, worked so hard. And it paid off!
My boy got hurt in the first half. He strained his hamstring. We were very worried about it being serious, but as the game wore on, he was able to put some weight on it. He will have some rehab, and it is sore, but he should be fine.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Finally Friday or Living for the weekend

I am currently living for the weekend. I plod through the week days, getting it done, making it work, carrying on, just to get to Friday night. Then Saturday (road trips to watch the man-cub play football); and Sunday. This weekend is no different! I am preparing to leave Monday morning for Miami. My first time!
Even though I am only in the office 2 days this week, I am sure it will be intense. I know most of Thursday will probably be spent trying to get back on our various network drives. The rain today cause leaks and leaks cause electrical problems, which in turn caused network issues. In the midst of all this, one of our IT guys, randomly changed my password and didn't tell me first! Oh the joys of modern technology. Yeah, technology in an old building with a very leaky roof. Someday I hope to work for an organization (if I still have to work!) that really cares about the associates and the facility. I honestly have never worked where things were really cared for. When I started at this place (in 2000) the office had just been renovated and was great! But through all the economic trauma, office maintenance has fallen behind.
I am once again pondering my place in the world. I am trying to visualize what I want. I need some real time away to do that. Maybe when we are in Florida next month for a game. I should have some quiet time then.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Monday Morning Glory

I love Morning Glories. The centers just glow! This one was growing in our garden. I love the intense blue and purple. I also have a pale blue and an interesting white one with little blue flecks.
The garden is winding down. We are still getting tomatoes. It is amazing that our intense heat didn't kill them. Today was cloudy, but still in the 90s. I am hoping for rain and cooler temps.
I bought some new threads (I do like back-to-school shopping, even if I am not going!), but it is still too hot to wear them. And I am going to Miami next week, I know it will be too hot there as well.
I have never been to Miami. I am going for a trade show, HD Boutique. I am staying in South Beach and will have Monday afternoon to myself. Possibly Monday night as well! I hope to get lots of Art Deco building photos, as well as subtropical flora and fauna!

Sunday, September 9, 2007


*Long time no see.
Very busy late summer for me. Each weekend is a road trip, some longer than others. We go where the boy is playing, trailing the team to the next game. No wins yet. But this weeks game was very exciting. Yes, we lost, and a loss is a loss, but this time we only lost by 1 little point. The final score was 32-33. So, see, we can score!
My man-cub has been re-assigned to left tackle, which is where he is most experienced. The offense looked much better this week!
Also, it was not quite so hot, only 95 degrees instead of 105. And the tropical storm Gabrielle brought that area much needed rain. We still are without rain. And we are in our 8th consecutive week of 90+ degree days.
As you can see by the photo, my baby is as handsome as ever. We took him off campus to stay last night with us in Franklin, VA. We had a nice dinner and some minor retail therapy. Then he and his dad watched innumerable athletic contests on the hotel TV. The man-cub seems to be finding his way in college. Girls are flocking like moths to a flame. He can't help it, he is so big, strong, smart, graceful and beautiful. He has an easy smile and bright blue eyes. He can argue about anything (he gets that from me) and he loves to laugh.
I have been making him a quilt. I hope to bind it this week. I love seeing a project through to completion. Especially when it is successful!
It was a great weekend. Now, lets prepare to get through 5 days, until we can be back on the road to see him again!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Time to breathe

It feels like a million years since I had the time to breathe, to think, to ponder. The past few weeks have been jammed with getting the boy off to school, getting him the supplies he needs but forgot, extreme deadlines at work, visitors in the office, horrendous heat. I am home today, as my husband is having some minor eye surgery this afternoon. I really needed this time!
I was able to sleep a little later this morning, I got my quilt top pinned and ready to quilt, did some laundry. I have had time to just sit and not rush from one activity to another. Peace. Quiet. No expectations.

I feel that my lifestyle fights my true self. I like to be alone, yet I ended up managing people. I love making things, but I am directing projects instead of creating. I hate the town I am in, yet I have been here almost 20 years. I feel I have been living in limbo. I need more extended time to think and ponder what I want my life to be. I know I love my husband, I want to spend more time with him. I want to live closer to where I work and closer to the trappings of modern life I enjoy. I want to live closer to my family. Now I just need to figure out how to make it happen.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Teflon applied to cooking utensils and clothes.
Fibromyalgia and autism become more commonplace. Coincidence?
Why do we allow the large conglomerates to tell us what is safe?
I do not want "inert" chemicals floating around in my body. Do you?
Large cars = Luxury = more carbon emissions.
Thus, Luxury = global warming.
Why does bigger stuff = better?
When will it become popular to do the right thing, than to do your own thing?
Musings on a Sunday afternoon...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wednesday ramblings

Looks good, doesn't he? My man-cub, a NCAA Division II scholar athlete. WOOHOO!
So far, he calls us every day. But the other students move in this weekend, so I imagine his social life will go into high gear!

Well, it is Hump Day. I have made it this far! Work has been okay. Lots of people in for a 3 day meeting. So the emails have been manageable. Starting to receive orders on a big project, that always feels good!
I really enjoy the "design" part, and my team is phenomenal! I just get tired of the layers of crap I have to slog through to get a pattern into production!
My newest designer is really great! She is very even-tempered and has a great sense of humor. She adds a great energy to our group.
Well, enough rambling, I have to order the boy a new "Revolution" helmet!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Things that I love

Murray at my feet, everywhere I go!
Sophie's squeaks
Homegrown tomatoes
Morning glories (see pic)
Phone calls from my son!
Red shoes
Rebate checks
French pedicures
Clean hair
Spy novels
Blackberry cobbler
Spending time making art

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Early morning peace

There is great peace in the air in the early morning. Before cars get out on the road, it is cool, so a/c's are not running. The morning glories are blooming on the fence. Tomatoes are overtaking our kitchen counter. While the early days of summer hold the promises of fun and adventure, there is something lazy and calm about the later days.
I have made it through the first full week without seeing my son. We talk at least once a day. He is adapting, making friends. This morning was their first inter-squad scrimmage. They have him practicing on the first team! He has been there since the second day of camp. The general student population will start to arrive next week, so I imagine he will start to find more friends and more to do.
Today, I am taking the bike frame to the shop. I hope they like it!
Tomorrow, I may start on a new quilt for my son.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Luna Frame

I have been working on this frame this week.
It is really starting to come together!
I had the paint custom mixed, and had the primer tinted dark. When painting with a deep color, remember to tint your primer! It will save you a lot of work.
Jacob saw the pics and wants me to add more stars. I am going to do that tonight.
I would like to seal it, but as hot (100+) and humid as it is, I am afraid the sealer will never set!
I hope the guys at Luna Cycles in Lenoir, NC like this. I also hope they like this shameless plug for their shop!
Today is Jacob's 18th birthday. The time really flies!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Filling the time

This is the first weekend I have had in 18 years that I am just trying to fill the time. The past few have been mad scrambles to get Jacob's college stuff together, seeing friends and family, getting hair and vet appointments. You know, general stuff. This one has been eerie.
What I have done:
3 loads of laundry
completed 2 art journal pages (1 is shown above)
Started painting the Luna Cycles retro frame
Got paint for said frame
Saw the "Bourne Ultimatum" good movie!

Talked to Jacob last night. He is in the midst of pre-season camp and likes the coaches.

I am going to work on the Luna frame some more. Hope to complete it tomorrow evening.

Friday, August 3, 2007


I have added the cocktail of the day widget. Looks like a good way to try some new ones and revisit some old friends. Let me know what you think (unless you are under aged, then you will need to wait until you are 21!)
I need to brag on my team at work. After being out for 3 days, I would normally go back to some sort of catastrophe, drama and chaos. But not this time! Everyone did great! All I had was my normal stuff, and 250 emails. But no drama, no line of people with problems for me to solve. I really appreciate it and have made a point to let them all know!
The boy is doing okay so far. These first 2 weeks are pre-season football camp, and he is scheduled from 7am until 9pm. No room mate yet, but he is hanging out with other guys on the team. I am going to spend some quality time in my studio tonight, and paint a bike-frame tomorrow.
It sure is quiet around here........

Thursday, August 2, 2007

he's gone.....

Well, I made it through the move of my boy to college with just a few tears. My mother, on the other hand, fulfilled her duties as "Designated Crier" very well!
He's now in the midst of the pre-season football camp. Lots of running, skill drills, meetings and learning the plays. He will be great.
The house is quiet, but he has called his dad twice already today, and me once!
We will just get used to being the 2 of us, and in 3 weeks, we will get used to traveling to his games each weekend. Yep, I can't wait to see my boy play on Saturdays!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

catching up

This month has been packed with activity.
Work is crazy, more projects than we can handle, but we will try!
My man-cub is packing, preparing and having his "farewell tour" before leaving for college.
The Tour De France being the best drama on TV...

To tackle one at a time:
Work: yes, still major stress, but my new designer is getting up to speed. She brings a terrific attitude, great sense of humor, and 25 years of experience. Just her efforts to learn our systems is very encouraging and I feel she will be making major impact in the very near future. And my boss, new since Feb, is really showing me her passion for our success. She is quickly becoming a MAJOR support for my team and our efforts. That makes such a huge difference. I truly believe that her support will increase, and my insane pressure on myself will wane, with her there to help.

Tour De France: Okay, you may not have realized I love this sport! No, it hasn't been a lifelong love, as I wasn't exposed to it until about 10 years ago. But I really enjoy watching and the personalities are fascinating. This year, the drug and doping has made it an incredible, yet heartbreaking drama. Until the governing bodies of this sport (as well as other professional sports) put the emphasis on being clean, instead of TV ratings and commercial gain, this will continue to be a problem. Winning at all costs has become the name of all games. If they want to allow a proliferation of freaks to gather viewers and increase commercial revenue, then they should legalize and control the substances. Also, there would be a need for a parallel group for the athletes that want to compete cleanly, and not wreak permanent damage on their bodies.
Also, the testing needs to be valid and above reproach, performed by unaffiliated , third-party labs.

Man-cub leaving: This is the hard part. I will take him to school on Wednesday. Since he is playing football, he has to report early for training camp. He will not be able to come home until Thanksgiving. Our house will be very quiet. This will be the first time ever, I will not see him on his birthday, I won't be able to kiss him good-night, or smell his hair while he sleeps. He is so big, so strong and so very beautiful. He is the joy of my life and I have been so blessed to have had him for this long. I know it is the time to let go, and it is right for him to become his own person, but, oh how I am going to miss him. He has been my friend, my shopping buddy, my fashion critic, my connection to what is happing in popular culture. Jacob, you are a great person and I am so proud of you. I will miss you pick me up and squeezing me when I get home each day, I will miss your empty orange juice containers in the fridge, I will miss you telling me something looks "OL" (old-lady). I will miss arguing with you for fun. But I know, it is YOUR time to go out and learn, see, meet, experience. I will always be hear for you.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

hot enough for ya?

I completed this piece last night. It start all serious, as a reaction to the fact that many women on this earth are just regarded as possessions, their purpose to serve and amuse. Then I found an old ad with the following quote"I nearly itched to death for 71/2 years. Then I found a new wonder working cream. Now I'm happy."
Isn't that hysterical? It made me laugh, so I put it on. Sometimes, great relief makes us want to dance with joy. Perhaps that smile on Little Egypt's face is due to having a certain itch, scratched.

It is way hot out. The man and I did 10 miles earlier today. We need to walk the hounds, but we will wait until later. The big dog really struggles in this heat.
Then back to the grind tomorrow.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

art Saturday

I have been doing some journal backgrounds and pages today.
A great way for me to relax!!
I am on a roll using women in other cultures in my pages.
Check out more of my stuff at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kheli/

I have read 2 books about Afghanistan, The Kabul Beauty School and A Thousand Splendid Suns, both incredible reads. This has made me very conscious of the lives women in that culture face. They are not regarded as having free will. This bothers me.
I have also just finished Stalin's Ghost by Martin Cruz Smith, which has me intrigued by Russia.
I go through a romantic Russia phase about every 18 months or so. I am currently working on a journal page featuring old Russian family photos. I like to speculate on the stories of these people.

Friday, July 6, 2007

10 things you may not know about me

I was inspired to write this after reading Lia's post of the same name on her blog, http://artjunk.typepad.com/art_junk/.

1. I work the daily crossword puzzle in the Charlotte Observer, every morning, in ink.
2. I love hamburgers with fresh tomatoes and dill pickles.
3. My mom was just 18 when I was born, my dad was 20. We have all grown up together!
4. I have always wanted to be an artist. It is pretty amazing to think I worked as a Graphic Artist for 7 years and am now in my 14th year in textile design. And when I retire, I will make something every day!
5. I don't like pictures of myself, but I love taking photos of others.
6. My husband and I read. A lot. No, I mean we have a ton of books and can't part with them because we reread them, often!
7. I bought my mom her first Margarita when I was 21 and she was 39.
8. I took her on her first visit to NYC this year for her birthday. We had a blast!!!!
9. I want to eventually finish my degree. But instead of art, I want to major in Psychology.
10. I like flowers. Calla lilies, irises, roses, Gerber Daisies, Hydrangea, Petunias. All of them.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Independance Day 2007

One week later from previous post:
Anxiety has gotten bigger. 3 Panic Attacks this week.
Still riding my bike about 10 miles a day, 4 days a week. Walking on alternate days.
Eating balanced diet,heavy on vegetables, limiting caffeine.
Working on art.
What else can I do? I am taking the meds prescribed.
There are parts of my job that I love, the problem-solving, planning, teaching computer tricks, but the incessant , unreasonable time lines from customers, which does not mesh with the time lines in manufacturing make me feel like I am experimenting in futility on a daily basis. We need to get it out fast. But manufacturing can't seem to look beyond their noses to see that. They are always playing catch-up. Well, we in Design are affected by that and now we are playing catch-up as well. We should be in the lead, setting the bar, not catching up to all that is already out there.

How can I leave these frustrations at the office? I do not want them here at home.
I am going to create, and ride. Happy 4th.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hump day

Well, it is the middle of a hot summer week and I am in the need of a serious vacation.
My ole buddy, Anxiety Attack, has reared his hideous head. Seems the mixture of strong pharmaceuticals, along with regular exercise and a good diet have lost the effectiveness.
I can't decide if I want to trudge back to the doctor for another ingredient in the cocktail, or wait it out. I haven't be able to function well in the corporate jungle this week. I know all the specifics. Anxiety is the body's reaction to stress, the old fight or flight response which dates back to our prehistory. But mine is short-circuited. I feel like fighting and fleeing, often at the same time. My dad says I'm high-strung, like a Thoroughbred.

Well, I will continue to try, each day. It is all I can do, until the man-cub gets a contract with the NFL or the CFL, then I can retire to the beach.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Precious alone time

Today, I stayed home alone. All day.
Spent most of it in my studio. Collaging, sewing, gluing, cutting.
I feel much better now!
Some of my work:

I feel good about what I accomplished.
A little more time for self-expression and I may feel great!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

a dog's life

I am trying to live by the dog's motto: if you can't eat it, or f**k it, p**s on it! Hopefully this attitude will keep my anxiety attacks at bay!
And as for today's title, my 2 mongrels lead a very cushy existence. They sleep in our bedroom (yes, on the floor), we feed them, water them and coddle them. All they have to do is wag and come when called.
I love my dogs. They do not talk back, they never slam the door and tell me they hate me, they never ask for money, they are always glad to see me. And usually all I ever have to add is a belly-rub for good measure.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

A New Chapter

The past few weeks have been an intense blur. Work has been stressful and frustrating. And my man-cub has been going through several end-of-school year functions compounded by it being his senior year. All this reached it's crescendo last night with graduation exercises. And now, 13 years (including kindergarten) is over in the blink of an eye. Most of the last 2 weeks I have been 2 seconds away from sobbing uncontrollably with the sense that so much has happened so fast. I have felt alternately excited, old, angry and forlorn. Seems many of the functions of this time have made a serious effort at evoking strong emotion. Do I hide my emotions away so deeply, that this angers me?
Anyway, the sun came up this morning. My dogs needed to go out. I made coffee. Life goes on.
One chapter ends, another begins.
And I am very proud of my son!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Burn-out abounding

Lately, I am having trouble keeping myself motivated and keeping my mouth shut. We had a job satisfaction survey where one of the statements was "My opinion matters" agree or disagree. Well, if the past 2 weeks are a trend, then my answer is disagree. My opinion is moot, I need to just be the trained monkey and do what I am told, no thinking allowed.
I know, I have ranted about this before, but I am not designing. I am shuffling widgets. I make decisions which are then undermined by others. Surely there is a better use of my time.
What should I do with my life?

Fortunately I have found an outlet for my creativity, since I am given little opportunity at work. I am involved in mail art and art swapping. My art goes to others all over the world and they seem to like it. I hope I am putting out good karma with the art.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

burn-out or time to rant

Another shitty day in paradise.
Work, it is a 4 lettered word. Currently hating my job with a red-hot loathing. How can an organization put so many roadblocks to success? We analyze the hell out of everything! We spend far to much time and effort, as well as resources testing things to death! Sometime people just screw up! Sometimes we have way too much to do in too little time, with not enough people to catch every tiny issue. It fabric, for crying out loud! We are not curing cancer! It goes on office chairs, in cars and in hotel rooms. Yes, it needs to be done right, but sometimes the people in production just screw up.
I don't design anymore, I don't even manage design! I just create charts to track where samples are and to verify lab results and to prove I am working!
No one tells me I am doing a good job, well, that's not true. My direct reports do. My staff appreciates me, but my boss(es) just seem to dictate orders to me like I am a trained monkey. My opinion doesn't seem to matter. And that hurts.

Friday, May 18, 2007

NC State High School Track Meet

Check out the guy on podium spot #5.
Yes, it is my man-cub, the Grom! He made it into the State meet by finishing 2nd in the 2A Regionals last week. He went in today the #12 seed, and in the first flight he threw his personal best of 46'4". We waited tensely through all the competitors to find out that he had made it into the final 9 and competed in the championship flight. He went into that 9th, and on his first throw, released a monster 48'1.5", making a new personal best AND breaking his high school record by almost a foot! We are all thrilled! The look on his face, the joy of his accomplishment, this is one of the great parts of being a parent. Today has been a day of JOY. He went into this wanting to do his best, and he did!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

Another Sunday morning to end another incredibly busy week and begin yet another jam-packed week. I am glad it is edging closer to Memorial Day as I need some extended time to decompress!
Man-cub participated in the Regional 2A Track Meet yesterday and placed 2nd in Shot-put, earning a spot as a State Track Meet qualifier! We are very proud of him and excited for this opportunity! I will be traveling to NYC and will not be back in time to watch him. Pesky customers and salespeople who demand time!

My art swaps are taking a lot of time now as well, but I still do not have as much time to spend on them as I wish! Above is a page for an Orange themed tip-in. I will be mailing this week.

Happy Mother's Day!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

outlet for my creativity

I have recently began participating in art swaps with a group on the Internet. I am having a blast! So far, I have swapped ATC's, which is short for Artist's Trading Cards. These are 2.5" x 3.5" and can be of almost any medium. Some of the swaps are themed, others are just general. I am preparing to participate in a journal round-robin. I am embellishing a sketchbook, putting in a few of my own pages, then it will be going to 9 others to have them embellish and create in my book, while I do the same for them. It is very inspiring and exciting. I also signed up for a tip-in swap today with the theme of "Orange". I am psyched about this since True Colors is one of my favorite books and this is a similar premise.
I am also watching the wildflower spots. Some are beginning to bloom. I have my camera ready and can stop and shoot on my home.

Enjoy spring!