Sunday, July 8, 2007

hot enough for ya?

I completed this piece last night. It start all serious, as a reaction to the fact that many women on this earth are just regarded as possessions, their purpose to serve and amuse. Then I found an old ad with the following quote"I nearly itched to death for 71/2 years. Then I found a new wonder working cream. Now I'm happy."
Isn't that hysterical? It made me laugh, so I put it on. Sometimes, great relief makes us want to dance with joy. Perhaps that smile on Little Egypt's face is due to having a certain itch, scratched.

It is way hot out. The man and I did 10 miles earlier today. We need to walk the hounds, but we will wait until later. The big dog really struggles in this heat.
Then back to the grind tomorrow.

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