Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Independance Day 2007

One week later from previous post:
Anxiety has gotten bigger. 3 Panic Attacks this week.
Still riding my bike about 10 miles a day, 4 days a week. Walking on alternate days.
Eating balanced diet,heavy on vegetables, limiting caffeine.
Working on art.
What else can I do? I am taking the meds prescribed.
There are parts of my job that I love, the problem-solving, planning, teaching computer tricks, but the incessant , unreasonable time lines from customers, which does not mesh with the time lines in manufacturing make me feel like I am experimenting in futility on a daily basis. We need to get it out fast. But manufacturing can't seem to look beyond their noses to see that. They are always playing catch-up. Well, we in Design are affected by that and now we are playing catch-up as well. We should be in the lead, setting the bar, not catching up to all that is already out there.

How can I leave these frustrations at the office? I do not want them here at home.
I am going to create, and ride. Happy 4th.

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