Sunday, July 29, 2007

catching up

This month has been packed with activity.
Work is crazy, more projects than we can handle, but we will try!
My man-cub is packing, preparing and having his "farewell tour" before leaving for college.
The Tour De France being the best drama on TV...

To tackle one at a time:
Work: yes, still major stress, but my new designer is getting up to speed. She brings a terrific attitude, great sense of humor, and 25 years of experience. Just her efforts to learn our systems is very encouraging and I feel she will be making major impact in the very near future. And my boss, new since Feb, is really showing me her passion for our success. She is quickly becoming a MAJOR support for my team and our efforts. That makes such a huge difference. I truly believe that her support will increase, and my insane pressure on myself will wane, with her there to help.

Tour De France: Okay, you may not have realized I love this sport! No, it hasn't been a lifelong love, as I wasn't exposed to it until about 10 years ago. But I really enjoy watching and the personalities are fascinating. This year, the drug and doping has made it an incredible, yet heartbreaking drama. Until the governing bodies of this sport (as well as other professional sports) put the emphasis on being clean, instead of TV ratings and commercial gain, this will continue to be a problem. Winning at all costs has become the name of all games. If they want to allow a proliferation of freaks to gather viewers and increase commercial revenue, then they should legalize and control the substances. Also, there would be a need for a parallel group for the athletes that want to compete cleanly, and not wreak permanent damage on their bodies.
Also, the testing needs to be valid and above reproach, performed by unaffiliated , third-party labs.

Man-cub leaving: This is the hard part. I will take him to school on Wednesday. Since he is playing football, he has to report early for training camp. He will not be able to come home until Thanksgiving. Our house will be very quiet. This will be the first time ever, I will not see him on his birthday, I won't be able to kiss him good-night, or smell his hair while he sleeps. He is so big, so strong and so very beautiful. He is the joy of my life and I have been so blessed to have had him for this long. I know it is the time to let go, and it is right for him to become his own person, but, oh how I am going to miss him. He has been my friend, my shopping buddy, my fashion critic, my connection to what is happing in popular culture. Jacob, you are a great person and I am so proud of you. I will miss you pick me up and squeezing me when I get home each day, I will miss your empty orange juice containers in the fridge, I will miss you telling me something looks "OL" (old-lady). I will miss arguing with you for fun. But I know, it is YOUR time to go out and learn, see, meet, experience. I will always be hear for you.

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