Sunday, November 25, 2007

Great long weekend

Top image: Jacob, Dad and Kent on Thanksgiving Day
Bottom image: detail of a window

Time this weekend to think. I am very thankful!

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Here it is, the calm before the storm of my Mom's food!
I am thankful. Of the many blessings in my life, these stand out:
1. I am so lucky to have my husband! And he is incredibly lucky to have me! After 24 years together, we still make each mad, and make each other laugh. I still can't wait to see his face every single day!
2. Our incredible Man-Cub. He is truly a blessing beyond compare. I am grateful he is big, strong, smart, funny, loud, obnoxious, passionate and silly.
3. Our parents made us what we are, and I am very grateful we still have my mom and dad and Al's Mom around to keep us who we are.
4. My dogs are the greatest, funniest, most spoiled pets around, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
5. I am very thankful to have discovered Ann Taylor pants. They feel great and make my butt look marvelous!
6. Coffee. I am thankful for coffee.

Hope your list is added to this day! Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 12, 2007

This is what joy looks like!

Behind 28-o at the half.
Getting thumped by a D3 school.
Coming back in the 3rdQ with an 84 yard reception for
the first TD.
Tying the game in the 4th to force Overtime.
Prevailing after FOUR OT's to win 61-55: PRICELESS.
Absolute JOY! Liberating DELIGHT.
What a way to end the season.
Saturday's game was unlike any I have ever witnessed. The team looked comatose in the first half. They came out on the first drive and threw an interception. They could not stop anything. We were defeated going into half-time.
I do not know where they found the fortitude, but they came out in the 3rd quarter and PLAYED LIKE MEN!!! We (fans in the stands) knew that if we could tie, we could win in OT. The defense had such energy , the offense pulled together and moved the ball. But what a finish! Needless to say, joy, glee, delight, vindication, relief, satisfaction, pride, love, all these emotions were obvious and being expressed. There was hugging, back-slapping, high-fives, cheek kissing going on. Smiles, laughter, congratulations. This has been a long tough season, but such a victory, not just over the opposing team, but also over the critics, is a great way to end the season. My man-cub's freshman season. The Chowan Hawks finish up with a 2-9 record, doubling last years wins. This was their first year in D2, and next season will be their first in the CIAA. I am so proud of my son, and all the other sons, the coaches and fans. It is great to be a part of this group. GO HAWKS!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

All the leaves are brown...

But the skies have been bright blue! I definitely feel the change in the angle of the sunlight, and I get quite down about the shortness of the days, but I revel in the saturated colors I am seeing this week. The red leaves seem to glow from within on my morning commute. While all those who know me, realize how profoundly the lack of light affects me, I do take solace in the majesty of nature's colors. Also, I am hoping for the weather to be appropriate for CU's last football game this weekend.

Been quiet here this week. My big man has been @Ga Tech taking a class. Just me and the hounds each evening. I am sort of drifting, no hobby stuff to work on. That will change tomorrow. I am going to Mom's after work and staying until Saturday. We are going to make a quilt top for Meme, I will then have that to quilt next week.
Elections went as predicted here. The write-in mayoral race was much closer than I believe the incumbent though it would be. It is dangerous to assume, especially in these times of unsettled people and unstable economies. I, for one, like change. I think new people bring great energy and this little burg needs to keep things stirred up if they want to progress.

Monday, November 5, 2007


This is Jeff on the line for his race. I call it "An angry man".
I spent yesterday at the Lenoir Cycle Cross race. If you haven't seen Cycle Cross, you have got to try it! These people are masochists of the lowest order! They not only survive the mind-racking pain of the race, they thrive on it! Some of these psychos ride in 2 races at the same event! Cycle Cross is sort of like cross-country riding, with hairpin "S" turns, steep climbs and barriers you have to carry your bike over. The races generally run for a set time, the longest was about an hour. This particular course was 2 miles and the Men's Pros were doing it in under 7 minutes. Lots of thrills, chills and spills, some scrapes, bruises and blood! For more highlights check out Shawn's blog.

Spent Saturday at Presbyterian College for the CU vs PC game. Man Cub started and played well, but the mighty Hawks fell to 1-9 for the season. It was a spectacular autumn day, an excellent day to be outside. One more game, next Saturday in Newport News, then Jacob's Freshman season can go into the books!