Monday, November 12, 2007

This is what joy looks like!

Behind 28-o at the half.
Getting thumped by a D3 school.
Coming back in the 3rdQ with an 84 yard reception for
the first TD.
Tying the game in the 4th to force Overtime.
Prevailing after FOUR OT's to win 61-55: PRICELESS.
Absolute JOY! Liberating DELIGHT.
What a way to end the season.
Saturday's game was unlike any I have ever witnessed. The team looked comatose in the first half. They came out on the first drive and threw an interception. They could not stop anything. We were defeated going into half-time.
I do not know where they found the fortitude, but they came out in the 3rd quarter and PLAYED LIKE MEN!!! We (fans in the stands) knew that if we could tie, we could win in OT. The defense had such energy , the offense pulled together and moved the ball. But what a finish! Needless to say, joy, glee, delight, vindication, relief, satisfaction, pride, love, all these emotions were obvious and being expressed. There was hugging, back-slapping, high-fives, cheek kissing going on. Smiles, laughter, congratulations. This has been a long tough season, but such a victory, not just over the opposing team, but also over the critics, is a great way to end the season. My man-cub's freshman season. The Chowan Hawks finish up with a 2-9 record, doubling last years wins. This was their first year in D2, and next season will be their first in the CIAA. I am so proud of my son, and all the other sons, the coaches and fans. It is great to be a part of this group. GO HAWKS!!!

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