Wednesday, November 7, 2007

All the leaves are brown...

But the skies have been bright blue! I definitely feel the change in the angle of the sunlight, and I get quite down about the shortness of the days, but I revel in the saturated colors I am seeing this week. The red leaves seem to glow from within on my morning commute. While all those who know me, realize how profoundly the lack of light affects me, I do take solace in the majesty of nature's colors. Also, I am hoping for the weather to be appropriate for CU's last football game this weekend.

Been quiet here this week. My big man has been @Ga Tech taking a class. Just me and the hounds each evening. I am sort of drifting, no hobby stuff to work on. That will change tomorrow. I am going to Mom's after work and staying until Saturday. We are going to make a quilt top for Meme, I will then have that to quilt next week.
Elections went as predicted here. The write-in mayoral race was much closer than I believe the incumbent though it would be. It is dangerous to assume, especially in these times of unsettled people and unstable economies. I, for one, like change. I think new people bring great energy and this little burg needs to keep things stirred up if they want to progress.

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