Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Time to breathe

It feels like a million years since I had the time to breathe, to think, to ponder. The past few weeks have been jammed with getting the boy off to school, getting him the supplies he needs but forgot, extreme deadlines at work, visitors in the office, horrendous heat. I am home today, as my husband is having some minor eye surgery this afternoon. I really needed this time!
I was able to sleep a little later this morning, I got my quilt top pinned and ready to quilt, did some laundry. I have had time to just sit and not rush from one activity to another. Peace. Quiet. No expectations.

I feel that my lifestyle fights my true self. I like to be alone, yet I ended up managing people. I love making things, but I am directing projects instead of creating. I hate the town I am in, yet I have been here almost 20 years. I feel I have been living in limbo. I need more extended time to think and ponder what I want my life to be. I know I love my husband, I want to spend more time with him. I want to live closer to where I work and closer to the trappings of modern life I enjoy. I want to live closer to my family. Now I just need to figure out how to make it happen.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Teflon applied to cooking utensils and clothes.
Fibromyalgia and autism become more commonplace. Coincidence?
Why do we allow the large conglomerates to tell us what is safe?
I do not want "inert" chemicals floating around in my body. Do you?
Large cars = Luxury = more carbon emissions.
Thus, Luxury = global warming.
Why does bigger stuff = better?
When will it become popular to do the right thing, than to do your own thing?
Musings on a Sunday afternoon...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wednesday ramblings

Looks good, doesn't he? My man-cub, a NCAA Division II scholar athlete. WOOHOO!
So far, he calls us every day. But the other students move in this weekend, so I imagine his social life will go into high gear!

Well, it is Hump Day. I have made it this far! Work has been okay. Lots of people in for a 3 day meeting. So the emails have been manageable. Starting to receive orders on a big project, that always feels good!
I really enjoy the "design" part, and my team is phenomenal! I just get tired of the layers of crap I have to slog through to get a pattern into production!
My newest designer is really great! She is very even-tempered and has a great sense of humor. She adds a great energy to our group.
Well, enough rambling, I have to order the boy a new "Revolution" helmet!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Things that I love

Murray at my feet, everywhere I go!
Sophie's squeaks
Homegrown tomatoes
Morning glories (see pic)
Phone calls from my son!
Red shoes
Rebate checks
French pedicures
Clean hair
Spy novels
Blackberry cobbler
Spending time making art

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Early morning peace

There is great peace in the air in the early morning. Before cars get out on the road, it is cool, so a/c's are not running. The morning glories are blooming on the fence. Tomatoes are overtaking our kitchen counter. While the early days of summer hold the promises of fun and adventure, there is something lazy and calm about the later days.
I have made it through the first full week without seeing my son. We talk at least once a day. He is adapting, making friends. This morning was their first inter-squad scrimmage. They have him practicing on the first team! He has been there since the second day of camp. The general student population will start to arrive next week, so I imagine he will start to find more friends and more to do.
Today, I am taking the bike frame to the shop. I hope they like it!
Tomorrow, I may start on a new quilt for my son.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Luna Frame

I have been working on this frame this week.
It is really starting to come together!
I had the paint custom mixed, and had the primer tinted dark. When painting with a deep color, remember to tint your primer! It will save you a lot of work.
Jacob saw the pics and wants me to add more stars. I am going to do that tonight.
I would like to seal it, but as hot (100+) and humid as it is, I am afraid the sealer will never set!
I hope the guys at Luna Cycles in Lenoir, NC like this. I also hope they like this shameless plug for their shop!
Today is Jacob's 18th birthday. The time really flies!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Filling the time

This is the first weekend I have had in 18 years that I am just trying to fill the time. The past few have been mad scrambles to get Jacob's college stuff together, seeing friends and family, getting hair and vet appointments. You know, general stuff. This one has been eerie.
What I have done:
3 loads of laundry
completed 2 art journal pages (1 is shown above)
Started painting the Luna Cycles retro frame
Got paint for said frame
Saw the "Bourne Ultimatum" good movie!

Talked to Jacob last night. He is in the midst of pre-season camp and likes the coaches.

I am going to work on the Luna frame some more. Hope to complete it tomorrow evening.

Friday, August 3, 2007


I have added the cocktail of the day widget. Looks like a good way to try some new ones and revisit some old friends. Let me know what you think (unless you are under aged, then you will need to wait until you are 21!)
I need to brag on my team at work. After being out for 3 days, I would normally go back to some sort of catastrophe, drama and chaos. But not this time! Everyone did great! All I had was my normal stuff, and 250 emails. But no drama, no line of people with problems for me to solve. I really appreciate it and have made a point to let them all know!
The boy is doing okay so far. These first 2 weeks are pre-season football camp, and he is scheduled from 7am until 9pm. No room mate yet, but he is hanging out with other guys on the team. I am going to spend some quality time in my studio tonight, and paint a bike-frame tomorrow.
It sure is quiet around here........

Thursday, August 2, 2007

he's gone.....

Well, I made it through the move of my boy to college with just a few tears. My mother, on the other hand, fulfilled her duties as "Designated Crier" very well!
He's now in the midst of the pre-season football camp. Lots of running, skill drills, meetings and learning the plays. He will be great.
The house is quiet, but he has called his dad twice already today, and me once!
We will just get used to being the 2 of us, and in 3 weeks, we will get used to traveling to his games each weekend. Yep, I can't wait to see my boy play on Saturdays!