Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wednesday ramblings

Looks good, doesn't he? My man-cub, a NCAA Division II scholar athlete. WOOHOO!
So far, he calls us every day. But the other students move in this weekend, so I imagine his social life will go into high gear!

Well, it is Hump Day. I have made it this far! Work has been okay. Lots of people in for a 3 day meeting. So the emails have been manageable. Starting to receive orders on a big project, that always feels good!
I really enjoy the "design" part, and my team is phenomenal! I just get tired of the layers of crap I have to slog through to get a pattern into production!
My newest designer is really great! She is very even-tempered and has a great sense of humor. She adds a great energy to our group.
Well, enough rambling, I have to order the boy a new "Revolution" helmet!

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