Saturday, August 11, 2007

Early morning peace

There is great peace in the air in the early morning. Before cars get out on the road, it is cool, so a/c's are not running. The morning glories are blooming on the fence. Tomatoes are overtaking our kitchen counter. While the early days of summer hold the promises of fun and adventure, there is something lazy and calm about the later days.
I have made it through the first full week without seeing my son. We talk at least once a day. He is adapting, making friends. This morning was their first inter-squad scrimmage. They have him practicing on the first team! He has been there since the second day of camp. The general student population will start to arrive next week, so I imagine he will start to find more friends and more to do.
Today, I am taking the bike frame to the shop. I hope they like it!
Tomorrow, I may start on a new quilt for my son.

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