Thursday, January 1, 2015

Jan 1, 2015

A collage of my 2014 completed projects from my Instagram feed:
While I seemed to slow down due to my increased travel, I did more thank I thought!
Hoping for a peaceful, creative, joyful 2015!

Friday, December 26, 2014

Catching up/year end 2014

The day job keeps me so busy. Traveling is fun, the job is too (most days!). But blogging has taken a back seat to Instagram (follow me: kheliwud). BUT as this is my way of journaling my exploits, here is a catch-up since the last post:

I quilted for hire (3 for this lady, a sweet friend of mine!)

This is also for a dear friend, May Chappell, and this quilt went to Quilt Market (more photos and read about it here) in Houston!:

I made a Brickyard by Bearhug Quiltworks 
(great pattern, goes really fast, designed by yet another awesome friend!)

 I made a leglamp pillow for my son (matches one of his tattoos), from this source

Lunch bags from this awesome tutorial

Made 6 sew together bags (4 shown here)

Did some low-water immersion dyeing
Hosted a private FMQ class (and had so much fun with these ladies!)

Did some Christmas presents form this tutorial (May Chappell ROCKS!)

Joined this mini quilt swap:
And quilted the TMQG QuiltCon 2015 quilt:

I am off until Jan 2, so more sewing is happening! 
I hope you have been enjoying a wonderful Holiday Season and I hope all the best for you, and for Peace on Earth in 2015!

Don't forget to check out my Free Motion Tips tab. Feel free to email any FMQ questions as well, I love to help!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

A monthly bog post

A catch-up post:

I took part in a round-robin medallion swap with 4 friends that are amazing quilters. We each created our center, then passed it along. Each participant added a row, then in September, we had our big reveal! 5 glorious, unique quilts!

I quilted mine in a simple meander. This quilt is all about the piecing, the colors, the amazing piecing and It did not need dense stitching:
Isn't it beautiful? Each border is a work of art. And, it won a second place ribbon!

More catching up to come.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A little more modern

Why, yes! I see a trend!
I found the pattern for this little in a Moda Candy book. Similar to one in a modern quilting magazine several momths back & similar still to the Big Charming. I did not use a Moda Candy stack (2.5" squares of cuteness) but I once again dipped into my solid charms.

Fun, fast & easy. And on to the quilting! 

My favorite part!

Big Charming

This started as what I like to call "mindless sewing". Just chain piecing meditation. I have a bunch of sold charms, purchased for the love of color. They needed a place to go. I dove into Pinterest one Saturday morning and saw Denyse Schmidt's "Big Charming" and thought "I can do that", so I did! 

All this empty space just yelled for some FMQ, so I obliged. 

I like the starkness of it, the utility blanket feel. And I loved filling it up with quilting, hooked-swirls on the background, feathers & wavy lines on the color blocks.