Sunday, April 12, 2015

So we moved...

So we moved, 94.5 and an hour and a half away. From a new-ish house with ample storage to a smaller, older, house without. This is a rental, very dog-friendly, in a GREAT neighborhood. We can walk to the local park which has an off-leash area for dogs. The neighbors are amazing, I already feel as if we have made life-long friends! The drawback? Trying to cram my sewing/quilting studio equipment into a 10' by 11' room.

I went from this:

to this:

to this:
The tiny room was designed to be a bedroom. I grew up in a room just like this. It was perfect as a child. But for a quilting space it has been challenging. I had a mini-melt-down earlier in the week, which considering the situation was really good. I do have space for a design wall. But books, notions and backing fabrics haven't yet made it in here. Probably won't.

We are renting, since we do not know the area, and fully intend to look for an appropriate place to buy once our other house sells, so I know this is temporary. In the interest of maintaining my sanity, I have made it work and yesterday whipped up this pillow:
It is for a fund-raiser at work. Just half-square triangles, but it feels good to be making again.

Sunday, March 22, 2015


The movers will be here in 1 week. Instead of freaking out, I am trying to just do stuff. They will pack everything, except my quilting/sewing stuff. I will do that next weekend. In the meantime, and when in town, I have been doing therapy sewing (isn't it all therapy?).

Finished this:

Pattern is Moon Dance by Villa Rosa Quilts. These are the little postcard patterns. I can not resist them. Fun, well-written, easy, wish I had thought of this?
A detail, mostly Carolyn Friedlander fabric, with this little goldfish thrown in for fun.
I think it makes a great gender-neutral baby quilt to have in my stash.

On my wall, I am designing this:
Can you tell I like orange? This winter has been tough so I am gravitating toward the bright colors. Orange, red and pink just make me happy. And with my traveling for work, I have a lot of time in the to think about quilts. While I appreciate ALL quilts, I realize each of us has a different aesthetic, and for me, I love scrappy! This one is coming along nicely, if I had a batting, I would get to quilting!

Finally, I have done some quilting for hire. Here is a detail of what I recently finished:
A Downton Abbey themed quilt for a friend, she always lets me do what I want. This beautiful quilt really wanted feathers. And it quilted like a dream.

Next post may be from our new abode. Fingers crossed for a smooth move!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

so long to February 2015

cold, cruel February. short on days, long on weather. BUT, I have finished a few things!

Andalusia Light. These were the light FQs from the Andalusia Collection by Patty Young. I used the darks in this quilt. I love the saturated pink, red, orange, green along with the chocolate brown. Different!
Bold Glory #3. My own pattern, see #1 (2009) and #2 (2014) here. I developed this as my design to show appreciation to veterans. I really need to get this written!
Our family received a new member this month, a gorgeous baby boy named Everett. He is the 4th of my nephew's children (the first 3 are triplets, here are their baby quilts)
Something different from me: dessert! But these red velvet whoopie pies were easy, fast and GONE when we had family over for dinner!

Last, not least, my newest medallion (I love medallion quilts!)
72" square, I started with piecing the center using templates from Atkinson Designs' "Winner's Bouquet" pattern. I then added the piano-key border. I tried different blocks for the next border, but the half-square triangles just seemed to work (and the math was easier!). The final border was just what happened! This has Tula Pink fabrics from these collections: Prince Charming, Parisville, the Birds and the Bees, Saltwater and Acacia. The back ground fabrics, white and grey, were in my stash.
I love the saturation of colors in Tula's palette. I love how they all work together. I started this in December and just had fun with it. Some detail and in process shots:

In other news, we are preparing to move at the end of the month. Of course, I am going to sew and quilt as time allows, but I am going to use my stash. So no new additions until after the relocation.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

the sincerest form

This little blog has been quite fun for me. I have tried different methods of keeping a journal, only to give up after a short while. This format has really worked. I can combine thoughts, images, links into one place, keeping a record for myself.

This little blog has been a portal as well, allowing me to virtually meet people all over the world. That is a powerful thing. When a lowly little peon such as myself can communicate with people in different states, countries and times zones, one begins to realize both how similar we are and how both large and small our world is.

Where is all this rhetoric leading? Here. I received an email in January from a reader. He had used one of my quilt designs as inspiration for a wood inlay tray.

The quilt, from 2011:
My own design, the second quilt I did to raffle for the Stokes County Humane Society. (Note to self: I need to make another one, this was fun!)

This gentleman shared a picture of the tray he made:
Isn't it gorgeous? His name is Jacob Truax, and I believe he is quite gifted. I also want to thank you, Jacob for sharing this with me, and for giving me permission to share on my blog.

This is a great example of how simple motifs can transition from one medium to another. You really can find inspiration everywhere!