Friday, December 2, 2016

more sneaky sewing

Why does time speed up as we get closer to Christmas? Why does my husband wait to ask me to make gifts?
Anyway, I have been able to sneak in some table toppers this week:
A forest of Christmas trees!

3 toppers, stripped-pieces trees (from a mix of greens and scraps), free-motion-quilted.

The larger 2 are 40" by 15", the smaller is 36" by 14". Raw edge appliqué.

Are you still sewing for this upcoming Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza?


Sunday, November 27, 2016

snuck in some Christmas sewing

Just like the title says, I snuck these pillows in on Black Friday:
I printed the silhouettes from Google Images, traced them onto fusible web, cut fused to my Christmas fabric, cut them out by hand. Ironed them onto background fabric, then did blanket stitch (by machine), next came the free motion quilting. So glad I got them finished!
I have made quite a few gifts, but no sharing until after Christmas. What are you making?


Sunday, October 16, 2016

2016 Christmas Quilt

Yet another Missouri Star Quilt Company pattern! (Nope, I am not being paid by them but I am available if they happen to read this. Call/email me!)

This was based on the "Sandy Sunrise" Quilt from BLOCK magazine Spring volume 2 issue 2.

I made 8 blocks, the pattern calls for 4. 

I free-motion quilted feathers with looped accents in the center blocks. It finished at 72" square.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

a Scrappy finish

Yes, this is from a #MSQC tutorial and pattern, but isn't it cute?

This went together like a dream. I cut 2 1/2 inch strips from my scrap box, and used some cream yardage from my stash.
Kerley likes it too!

He may have tried to claim it. 

But this is a gift!
Free-motion in a soft loop all-over, used Aurifil 50 weight thread and Quilter's Dream puff poly batting.



Tuesday, October 4, 2016

How the Missouri Star Quilt Company gave me back my mojo

Long title! But a true experience. 4 of the last quilts I have finished came from the MSQC's tutorials. Jenny Doan is so entertaining and breaks the steps down so well. She made quilting fun for me again.
After losing my mother-in-law in 2012, then my Dad in 2013, I landed in a very deep and scary depression. I tried to keep moving forward but seemed like everything was too much effort.
After I lost Dad, I bought my Tiara, I found the repetition of FMQ soothing. But my quilts seemed without joy.

We also moved, twice. Selling, renting, buying again. And the stresses that come with these tasks wore me down.

Then, my Mom mentioned that she and a group of her friends had challenged each other to make a quilt out of MSQC's Block magazine. Using only what they had in their stashes.

That was the catalyst for me. Instead of trying to make each Quilt a masterpiece, I just wanted to make a pretty quilt. And I did. 

Just going through the video tutorials was fun. I subscribe to the MSQC "BLOCK" magazine, so I have them to refer to for additional info and inspiration. 
No, this is not a sponsored post, these thoughts are purely my own.   

Stay tuned, another MSQC quilt to come!