Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Been awhile...

But, still here! Working and traveling for the day job. Still settling into the new house. And yes, seeing/quilting when time allows.
Recent projects:
Baby quilt for my son's friends. Yes, that makes me feel old! But the quilt is cute and they love it!
Memory quilt using dog beds for a dear friend. I love how this turned out!
Simple meander to keep it soft and draper , cursive loops for border interest.
Surprise for a dear cousin. My mom helped with the piecing, and suggested the feathers. I love how this turned out!  Even though I don't get to quilt as much as I want, I can still get it done!
More detail.
Border detail.
New wallet for myself. These are fun to make and a very practical design.

Last but not least:
New (to me) BabyLock serger! The old sampling area at work was being cleared out and this was destined for the dumpster. But I rescued it and for the price of servicing I now have an awesome addition to my studio!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

time (mis)management

Antique quilts on display at the 
Core Sound Waterfowl Museum & Heritage Center on Harkers Island, NC

yet another month passes with minimal bloggage.

seems like this category of social media is fading a bit. Instagram is more, well, instant. From my IG account I can post to my IG followers, Twitter and Facebook with relative ease.

the blog has always seemed more of a diary of sorts to me. I never have "monetized" it, I would rather this be just a record, a place for accomplishments, thoughts, deeper sharing.

yes, my slower pace of quilting is still slow. we are once again preparing to move. this time to a house we have purchased. it is a cute place, with lots of light. we closed on it in December, but are having some updating done. painting, flooring, counter-tops, fence, and closing the screened porch in for my office/studio. Yes, about 1 year to the day, I will once again have my dedicated space. Should help me maintain focus and momentum for all the quilts in my head! Before and after pictures will come.

Anyway, work is work. My company has been purchased (again). Once more uncertainty rules. Since I moved into a different role, and work from my home office, or travel, the day to day anxiety has slowed. Thank goodness. Although the incessant stress of the past 15 years has already done damage. Without quilting, I would not know how to deal. When things get bad, I make quilts in my head! I hope for the best, but transitions are hard, no matter what intentions are.

Picture above from our Valentine's Weekend trip to the NC coast. My favorite place on Earth.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Oh, dear

I saw this (new to me) magazine, Simply Moderne. It's published by the same company that puts out Quilt Mania. You know, the European magazine with luscious European quilts? Anyway, The cover caught my eye. I browsed around and kept going back to it. I picked it up 3 times. The 3rd time I knew I had to buy it. Why? 
This pattern:
The pattern is called "Stag Nation" by Rana Heredia for Sewn into the Fabric.

I am captivated by the whimsy.
I used low volume prints for the deer. I deviated from the directions in piecing it.

I dipped into my meager supply of Moda Cross Weave for the background.
I free motioned a wood grain adding straight lines to look like a barn wall.
Finished at 47.5" by 55".
We have purchased a house, so it will hang in the den.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Finish 1.2016

Finished this beauty:
51"x51", the Double Square Star quilt by the Missouri Star Quilt Company.

I love Jenny Doan's tutorial. She seems so real and fun. Her directions are clear and concise. And she focuses on pre-cuts, which I love as well.

I didn't use precuts for this, I went through my scrap bin and cut the required pieces. This quilt goes together really fast and I was amazed at the accuracy of my points.
I quilted meandering feathers in the center, and designed a custom free-motion design in the border.

A baby-girl quilt to have on hand.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

the end of 2015 post

So this is my end of the year post. and it is not filled with all my amazing accomplishments, ways I organized my fabulous life and career, all my dreams and aspirations I achieved. Glad to have survived 2015, grateful to have reconnected to a very dear person from my youth, thrilled to have found our tribe here in the new town. We have recently purchased a home, so 2016 brings another move, but this place we hope to stay for a long time!

A few quilty finishes to share:

Personalized pillows for our nephew's 4. I thread-painted their names. These are travel-pillow sized and I had a grand time making these! The kids loved them too!

Pieced this top, and am currently quilting. I will post a finished pic, but I like the way this came together.

Here's to 2016, may it be filled with love!