Monday, January 29, 2007

how freaky is this

Okay, so I have a good weekend, great bike ride on Sunday, attend my niece's 7Th Birthday party and feel pretty good. I get home and go to bed. Upon awaking this morning, I notice a tenderness under my ear, along with a knot the size of a marble. The pain is intense when I touch it. Okay, so I shouldn't touch it! I make it through to about 2:00 this afternoon. The pain has blossomed. I call the doctor and get to the office at 3:00. I have some sort of freaky infection in the gland around my carotid artery. As the doctor presses it, I see stars and keel over. My blood pressure plummets. I have to call my husband to drive me home. The doctor says not to be surprised if the entire right side of my face is swollen in the morning. Oh joy! Well, my mom is coming over tomorrow to take care of me.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Notes from the week

This past week was full. Full of people: quarterly meetings at my place of employ brought others into my space. This meant many interruptions, lots of banter, way too many hours. I have also discovered that I do not like to be the center of attention or in a loud throng! I had to take a sedative M-Th. Friday was much more relaxed so no additional chemistry was needed. Since I had to put in way too many hours, I had very little time for my family or self. That leaves me cranky!

Also slightly unnerving is the dark mood my precious man-cub has been in lately. I remember how edgy 17 can be. Filled with angst, anger and uncertainty. Wanting to be self-sustaining, yet still insecure. Constantly being asked "what are you doing?", "where are you going to school?", "what do you want to do for the rest of your life?" These are questions that are both invigorating and daunting. And I still ask myself these questions almost every day. How do I let him know that "the rest of your life" comes just one day at a time? And that is the only way to think about it. So much can happen in a day. It is good to think and plan, but it shouldn't be intimidating. Time passes, situations changes, stuff occurs, opportunities arise. I wish for him to look to the future with excitement. He is a beautiful, intelligent, strong person. He will stumble at times, but he will pick himself up and keep going. I have always known there is something light and good within him. He is a much better person than I am.

Well, tomorrow starts a new week. I am not going in super early, nor am I staying late. I must be kind to myself. I do a good job as it is. I am not taking anymore on. There are others, within my organization, who need to step up and do their part. Anyhow, I am attending my niece's 7th birthday party today. I am going to thoroughly enjoy it as well!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Little Friday on the way

Thursday is almost here. We refer to it as little Friday. My husband is finally on the mend, good thing, too, he is quite a busy dude this week. My work-week has been balls-to-the-wall as well. The Man-cub, however, has been enjoying exam week by sleeping in and spending his free time with the hooligans at our local cycling establishment (Luna, see Shaun's blog: Bringing bike culture to the Blue Ridge). Yesterday he came home incredibly dirty from ripping out a ceiling. At least those guys have him doing constructive and destructive things!

I am hoping to spend some time in my studio, expressing some of my creative thoughts. I am quilting a wall-hanging with my new sewing machine.

Enjoy Little Friday!

Friday, January 12, 2007

TGIFF thank goodness its finally friday!!

One tough week in the corporate salt mines. One delightful power struggle after another. Why can't we all just get along? And do things MY way?

Okay, deep clensing breath.

Saturday is ripe with promise. I hope to get my studio organized and furnished with several cork boards! The man-cub is in a shot-put clinic all day tomorrw so, things should be quiet around the house.

My handsome husband is finally on the mend. Antibiotics and prednisone are helping! We have been sleeping through the night.

Enjoy the weekend!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Things that make me smile

1. My hounds sneaking around each other to get the big pillow
2. My Dad
3. My man-cub mooning me
4. My husband cursing at the officials on a televised sporting event
5. Sunshine
6. Krispy-Kreme lemon filled doughnuts
7. Payday
8. Finding money in the dryer
9. Orders at work
10. A good Cosmo on Friday night
11. Free beer
12. Jimmy Buffet songs
13. Sleeping late on Saturday mornings
14. My studio

I am grateful that I am warm, dry, well-fed and loved.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

The bummer of adulthood

I have been going full tilt since the end of the too-short holiday break. Work all week. Saturdays and Sundays seem like a dream. This week it was a cyclist's dream. I worked at our 1st NC Cyclo-cross event here in our burg. Great weather and lots of mud! My man-cub took third. Wish I could do it! Then Sunday spent at the next 'cross event in the rain! Man-cub took 2nd! Still fun! In my mind I ride it with the others, but in reality I don't have the time I would need to train. WORK gets in the way of fun. 2 hours commute time and 11-12 hours of toiling. And I do have to spend time with my husband, son and dogs! Plus my sewing habit and collage making! At least the days are getting longer. It won't be long and I will have enough time when I get home to get a short bike ride in before dark. Maybe I will be able to ride in the Master's series next year!

My boss is in town this week. It will be nice to get some positive reinforcement!

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

New Year among other things

The New Year is like a new planner or calendar, just waiting to be filled in with notes, meetings, appointments, scribbles, reminders.I always save my previous calendar for a month or so, just to make sure I remember all I need to. Or maybe just to reassure myself that things really have occurred, time really has passed. It is my hope and prayer that 2007 be a good year, full of peace and growth.
Resolutions? Heck, no! I believe in "Revolutions" and whereby resolve to foment revolt and rebellion at every opportunity. I plan on questioning all authority, engaging in wasteful frivolity and living with wild abandon (as well as with my husband, son and 2 hounds). I plan on doing something I find fun, every single day! And I will laugh loud and often! I will continue to tell my loved ones that I love them, I will kiss my dogs, ride my bike and listen to ACDC as loud as possible! I will be who I am, not who others want me to be. And I will go to bed at 10 on Friday nights if I want to!
What ways are you going to rebel?