Monday, January 29, 2007

how freaky is this

Okay, so I have a good weekend, great bike ride on Sunday, attend my niece's 7Th Birthday party and feel pretty good. I get home and go to bed. Upon awaking this morning, I notice a tenderness under my ear, along with a knot the size of a marble. The pain is intense when I touch it. Okay, so I shouldn't touch it! I make it through to about 2:00 this afternoon. The pain has blossomed. I call the doctor and get to the office at 3:00. I have some sort of freaky infection in the gland around my carotid artery. As the doctor presses it, I see stars and keel over. My blood pressure plummets. I have to call my husband to drive me home. The doctor says not to be surprised if the entire right side of my face is swollen in the morning. Oh joy! Well, my mom is coming over tomorrow to take care of me.

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