Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

I have really enjoyed this last few moments of quiet before the family frenzy! I completed my Chinese Dreams art quilt & made these little collages last night. I need quiet to allow the ideas that rattle around in me time to get expressed! Most Christmases, the days between Christmas and New Years are dedicated to creating and cleaning. This year, we have already cleaned and purged and donated, and we will be south of the border, so I am hoping this change will stimulate further creativity. A little chaos is good for the soul. If we do not keep things stirred up, we will stagnate. And we have all seen what happens to ponds when they stagnate!
I do not want to be full of thick green algae.

Left to do:
1. Pack toiletries
2. Gather gifts for tonights trip to Meme's
3. Confirm with dog sitter
4. Little bit of laundry
5. Holiday libations at Luna
6. Drive to Meme's

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