Sunday, December 2, 2007

Mission Accomplished

Whew! I have really got it done today! I have not been working in my studio this week for a couple of reasons: my boss, and other visitors were in my office this week and was at the office very late each day; my studio has been a wreck. The boss and visitors left Friday. So I decided to tackle the studio today. As you can see by the pics above, I got it done. I am very pleased with the results. I needed to go through completed project piles and purge. I can not keep everything, I need empty, clean areas to work. Too much stuff makes me fidgety. I also cleaned the closet in this room and moved in a wooden shelf to hold more of my supplies. Amazing that I have waited all my life for such a room. A creative space, not a corner in the bed room, dining room or den. A space where I can store my stuff and organize it so I will feel relaxed and ready to create.
What inspired this? Well, I am ready to start another quilt. I had to lay the fabrics out on the dining room table since my studio was a mess. That did not make sense to me, especially since we are trying to get some holiday decor out! Now, I have the studio ready, which leads to the dining room being clean, and now I can put on the Christmas centerpiece.
Feels good to have a clean, organized space!

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