Sunday, September 9, 2007


*Long time no see.
Very busy late summer for me. Each weekend is a road trip, some longer than others. We go where the boy is playing, trailing the team to the next game. No wins yet. But this weeks game was very exciting. Yes, we lost, and a loss is a loss, but this time we only lost by 1 little point. The final score was 32-33. So, see, we can score!
My man-cub has been re-assigned to left tackle, which is where he is most experienced. The offense looked much better this week!
Also, it was not quite so hot, only 95 degrees instead of 105. And the tropical storm Gabrielle brought that area much needed rain. We still are without rain. And we are in our 8th consecutive week of 90+ degree days.
As you can see by the photo, my baby is as handsome as ever. We took him off campus to stay last night with us in Franklin, VA. We had a nice dinner and some minor retail therapy. Then he and his dad watched innumerable athletic contests on the hotel TV. The man-cub seems to be finding his way in college. Girls are flocking like moths to a flame. He can't help it, he is so big, strong, smart, graceful and beautiful. He has an easy smile and bright blue eyes. He can argue about anything (he gets that from me) and he loves to laugh.
I have been making him a quilt. I hope to bind it this week. I love seeing a project through to completion. Especially when it is successful!
It was a great weekend. Now, lets prepare to get through 5 days, until we can be back on the road to see him again!

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