Sunday, September 30, 2007

Autumn arrives

Autumn is an ambivalent time for me. Yeah, the drier air is nice, the lack of haze brightens colors, the cool mornings are refreshing. But the slanting rays of the sun also mean the coming darkness. And I do not deal well with that.
I try to focus on the positives: the lower humidity, cooler temps mean I can rotate some different clothes, enjoying my rides and walks more.
I gave my son the quilt I made for him. Hard to tell, but I think he likes it. I know he doesn't yet understand the work that goes into its construction, but he does have a good eye for design. He has moved into a different dorm and seems to be happier there. I still mis him everyday, but I know this experience is good for him. And he needs the degree in order to make the future he wants.

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Anonymous said...

I do like the quilt a lot. In fact, its my favorite part of my new room.