Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Mid week wanderings

Things I love:
My dog, Murray's soft ears.
My other dog, Sophie, lying on her back, wagging her tail, wishing for a belly-rub.
Eggs and sausage scrambled together. (Al fixed this for supper tonight!)
New art supplies
Unlimited time to do art stuff
Getting in the "zone" on a project, feeling totally in the moment
Krispy Kreme Lemon-filled doughnuts
Crushed ice in a soft drink
The Atlantic Ocean
My sweet hubby
My fabulous son
My hysterically funny Dad
My impossibly naive Mom
My bellicose, genius brother
My sisters-in-law, Shelia and Staci
My wonderful Mother-in-Law (Meme)
Margaritas, Cosmos, Mojitos
Blackberry Cobbler
Naomi's Chocolate cake
Colors (all of them)
Color combos: pink and brown; soft blue and brown; red, orange, purple and gold; black and white polka dots
Little birds

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