Sunday, October 7, 2007

Man-cub came home!

My boy came home for the weekend! This is the first weekend he has had off. We really enjoyed having him here. My son is so smart, strong and handsome. He is charming, witting and entertaining!
Here he is in his dorm with the quilt I made for him.
He got home Thursday night, did laundry, saw some friends, went to the high school game Friday night and the ASU game yesterday. My mom-in-law came up for dinner today and that rounded out the weekend.
Next weekend we head for the beach. Jacob's team is playing down there next Saturday, and I am taking Friday off and driving down Thursday after work. It will be a nice long weekend.

Work is work. A little easier for me since Kristen has moved down from NYC and is the office. She has this great creative energy that keeps me upbeat.

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