Wednesday, May 23, 2007

burn-out or time to rant

Another shitty day in paradise.
Work, it is a 4 lettered word. Currently hating my job with a red-hot loathing. How can an organization put so many roadblocks to success? We analyze the hell out of everything! We spend far to much time and effort, as well as resources testing things to death! Sometime people just screw up! Sometimes we have way too much to do in too little time, with not enough people to catch every tiny issue. It fabric, for crying out loud! We are not curing cancer! It goes on office chairs, in cars and in hotel rooms. Yes, it needs to be done right, but sometimes the people in production just screw up.
I don't design anymore, I don't even manage design! I just create charts to track where samples are and to verify lab results and to prove I am working!
No one tells me I am doing a good job, well, that's not true. My direct reports do. My staff appreciates me, but my boss(es) just seem to dictate orders to me like I am a trained monkey. My opinion doesn't seem to matter. And that hurts.

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