Saturday, January 30, 2010

The view from my front door...

Well, the weather forecasters got it right this week!

They called for the winter storm to make its way to us, and it did! Looks like we have around 6" with something cold and fine still falling. It started about 7 last night while we were at our opening reception. since it had been forecast, we did not have high hopes for many people to come, but we were pleasantly surprised and had about 20 hardy, quilt-loving souls that came. We really enjoyed talking to all these people and I actually sold a wall-quilt! I do have to give a special shout-out to these loving friendly people of Stokes County, they have been so very warm and welcoming since my husband started working there a year ago, and it seems to me, we are all just getting closer and building such wonderful relationships! It is so great to feel wanted!

An update on my Dad, he sees the cardiologist on Tuesday for a Stress Test (as if he weren't under enough stress as it is!). We are praying that they can then reschedule the brain surgery to remove his tumor very quickly. His vision is blurring more and we have noticed the timbre of his voice changing, but that could be the result of the ringing in his ears affecting the way he hears himself. We really do appreciate your prayers and thoughts for him.

On to quilting stuff! since I haven't been in the studio much, I thought I could tell you what I learned from this first exhibit experience! Here it is: sew your sleeves in the back (there are so many tutorials on that here in blogland, just Google "quilt sleeves" and you will get great advice!); we used i" x 2" furring strips from the local lumber store, we cut them to fit each quilt. These strips are pine and come in lengths of 6 ft, 8 ft, etc. We then placed an eye-bolt (available on the hardware aisle) into each end. We used the ones that were about and inch long. You do not need a super large size, they will not fit on the museum hooks. I would also advise taking a bag of stuff with you "just in case"! 
This should include:
Extra eye-hooks, masking tape, scissors, needle and thread, straight pins (for the ID and/or price tags), wire and wire cutters (in case your eye hooks won't fit), a pen and your business cards. I took most of these items (except the eye hooks, wire and wire cutters, guess what we needed?) and we ended up using all of them!

We committed to another show next year, so I need to get busy! Piece On!

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Valerie said...

I am praying for your dad. I hope it all goes well.