Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Granny Joyner Quilts part 3 (Random Fans)

Today's Granny Joyner quilt came to me from my MIL, Mary Wood. She gave it to us when we got married, as an extra quilt to keep us warm. This is a pieced fan block, made from clothing scraps. The sashing was feed sack cotton. Parts of this quilt have worn away so you can see the old cotton batting inside. The back is a rough burgundy feed sack and she quilted it in here fan pattern with a coarse cotton twine called "tobacco twine". It was primarily used for tying the tobacco leaves together but also used as utility thread as needed.

All the Granny Joyner quilts are completely hand sewn. She was a tiny little woman who would speak her mind. She was stooped over in later years from osteoporosis, but would sit either in her living room or on their poarch and sew.

This is one of the good things about blogging: I am getting these quilts and their stories documented for my son!


Jacob said...

Thanks Mom

The Scrappy Bee said...

Gee's Bend had nothing on Granny. Although well used, it is a great invitation to improvise. She probably did it to make do, but we are a little luckier. I usually limit the amount of any fabric I buy so I am forced to improvise.Bonnie