Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snowed in, and happy!

It snowed all day yesterday. We have around 10" of snow with ice on top. It was gray, cold and nasty. Perfect to dye fabric! My son had 2 t-shirts for me to dye so I roped him in to assist. I dyed his shirts as well as about 7 yards of fabric. Part of the fabric is a really nice, soft, fine muslin; the other was an old cotton bed sheet. The results! Oh yeah, LOVE IT !

Today the sun is out and the snow is bright and great to show my colors. I do need to dye some greens, just didn't have enough jars to do that yesterday.

This is my most favorite piece from yesterday:
I love how the red and yellow blended and it looks alive and happy!

I also really like this piece. I just used my brown and golden yellow dyes, wadded up the fabric and let the magic happen!

These pieces have inspired me. I have sketched my next 2 art quilts and now just need to get them done. I have started one of my Christmas quilts, so I will get it pieced first.

As info, I dyed all these by the method for low-water immersion dyeing in "Color By Accident" by Ann Johnston. I didn't use her color color recipes, but did use her process.


Chris said...

Beautiful fabrics!

Vicki W said...

Beautiful fabrics! I love that gold and grown piece.

The Scrappy Bee said...

Great fabrics. Must find Ann Johnstons book. Planning to dye fabric this summer with friends. My first experience. Here in Michigan we got all the cold and you got all the snow!! bonnieb