Friday, January 15, 2010

Old quilts "Scrappy 9 Patch"

Another treasure from Granny Joyner (she was a hard-core quilter!) is this Scrappy 9 Patch.

These fabrics all seem to be clothing scraps. The light blue is chambray. What makes this one really neat is the scrap-pieced back.

It's 2 quilts in one! Seriously, what a legacy in quilts and what a lesson in frugality. No scrap was too small, and every thing was used. Again, this one was quilted in her favorite fan shape, using the tobacco twine, completely hand made.

The colors are soft, but since she washed with an old wringer washer, I have no idea if any of these used to be more intense colors.

As for the 2 sides with added border, my MIL explained that they would always slide their beds into a corner up against a wall. The 2 outside edges were usually more detailed since they were seen.

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