Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Old Quilts, still digging them out of storage! (Bow Tie)

A while back someone asked me how many old quilts I have. I answered "I don't know"; after this exercise of photographing and blogging them, I will have a count! 

Today I am showing another "Granny Joyner Quilt", it had been on my husband's bed before we got married, so the quilt came with him!

This is a "Bow-Tie" made mostly from wool scraps. And let me tell you, it will keep you warm.

These scraps seem to look like they came from old coats, possible old upholstery. There are also several pieces of velvet used. Complete hand-pieced and quilted with tobacco twine.

This quilt is extra crinkly, having been machine washed and dried. 

It is going back to school with my son. The high yesterday in Boone (he's at ASU) was 12 degrees. I believe it will be a welcome addition for him!

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The Scrappy Bee said...

FAntastic. Alway love the slap-dash look. It was just "put together". I am sure if it is mostly not only will it keep you warm, but weighs a ton. Glad you keeping the family tradition alive, by sending it with your son.