Monday, January 11, 2010

My Old Quilts, Granny Joyner part 2 (Sailboats)

Today's Granny Joyner quilt is so cute! It was onee I found in her attic. It had never been used, she had made it and put it away for future use. I call it (obviously) "Sailboats".

The colors are still as bright as they were when she made it. Being packed away in the attic kept it from fading. The bright blocks of color look very current. Granny made the top wonky, I have no idea why.

Several of these fabrics were shirtings and dress fabrics.

There are some places where the fugitive dyes have migrated to adjacent colors. Granny quilted this in a fan pattern, which she used as her standard quilting design.


The Scrappy Bee said...

Another very fun and fabulous quilt. Your Granny had a great color and play sense. This block was published in the Kansas City Star Newspaper in the 30's, which is the first appearance of this block. Bonnie

Em said...

My heart melted seeing this quilt and grandmother attached with all the memories of my grandmas and their quilts. What a wonderful way to start my day, thank you!!!!!! You are so fortunate. Look forward to perusing your blog later, thank you, Em