Thursday, July 28, 2011

scrappin' in the studio

After the intensity of my last 2 quilts, I have needed some mindless sewing to regroup. And to use up some of the ever-growing scrap bin! I can not bear to throw away any "reasonably" sized scraps. It just seems counter to the gentle art of quilting, IMHO. But, if I leave them alone for any length of time, they seem to expand! 

I also like to challenge myself to use "only" scraps and to create something pretty, not just sew the scraps together without a plan. While it might work for some, with my varied scrap pile it would look messy.

So here is a sneak preview of the rather large (80" square) scrap top I have just completed. I used only scraps. And boy, have I made a dent in the scrap pile!

This top goes on the finished stack, all by itself while I do some sewing for a friend. Then I will come back to layer and quilt it. Have a good Thursday!

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free indeed said...

What a satisfying feeling of accomplishment! I'd like to see a better picture of the pattern you used..or is that the reveal once it is quilted? :) My bin is crying out to me too. I did get a GO cutter, but have yet to play with it....I do want to tame that bin!