Monday, July 25, 2011

Dog and Cat quilt-COMPLETED

Finished size 58" by 58"

This quilt came out exactly like I imagined it.

The final quilting was on the dog and cat silhouettes. I stitched the dog in long, back-and-forth straight lines to suggest the straight hair.

To suggest softness on the cat, I did an overall loop.

Once washed and dried, the texture is amazing.

And this quilt is a 2-for-1, I used all my scraps to create a simple checker board on the back!
Now, I need to deliver it to my friends at the SCHS, and start selling raffle tickets. And I am giving this quilt to them so ALL proceeds go to them.


Al Wood said...

This is one of my favorites that you have done. I plan to many tickets so that we can keep it at home!

grandmarockton said...

would love to try this!

Jacob A. Truax said...

I started making wall hangings based on quilt patterns last summer, and when I got ready to make a tray, I wanted to use a quilt pattern. I tried this one out from your blog and it worked nicely. I'd love to leave a photo of it, but there's no way to upload it into comments. My email address is; I'll send you a picture of my tray.