Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Layout for new Dog and Cat quilt

I developed the center of this quilt about a month ago. I sketched it out using Photoshop Elements, and using a projector, enlarged it to fill a space on freezer paper. I really just "eyeballed" it, knowing it would be a center medallion. I ironed the freezer paper to my fabric, cut the shapes out and attached them to my background fabric. I did not use fusable web/Steam a Seam since this makes it stiff and hard to quilt through. Instead, I temporarily attached with quilt bastiing spray and used a blanket stitch around the edges. I like how this has turned out!

I toyed around with how I might fill in the rest of the space, as I want the final quilt to be a generous lap size.

Once again, I go to Photoshop Elements and here is my resulting layout:

Kelly Wood ©2011

I am going to use collected fabrics for the solids you see. I will also use this sketch to figure my sizes before cutting and sewing.


Phyllis said...

Kelli, I love that you are sharing with us your design process. Am hoping that you will continue each step including how you determine how you are quilting it.

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

What a cool concept! My quilter dog would love it! :) Even though it's not a Pit Bull!