Saturday, July 30, 2011

A little "stunt sewing"

What is stunt sewing you ask? Well, it where one steps in and sews for someone who can't! In this case, I am sewing some store samples for a friend who is opening a new quilt shop! I know, you are wondering how I can make such a sacrifice? Well, I get to sew with new, beautiful fabrics. FOR FREE! Oh, yeah, I have to give them to her, but I still get to play with them! 

I am also developing the pattern for each sample I make. None of these patterns are re-inventions of the wheel, but they are my method of constructing a classic quilting design. 

The first up, I call "Simple Stunning Star". It measures 42" square and this sample is done in Christmas fabrics. 

This pattern could also be used for a baby quilt, or you could put 4 together for a bed sized quilt. I will post the pattern here, once it has been proofed. Have a good weekend!

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Deb said...

I like this pattern! It is simple and has lots of room for great quilting! Please--post the pattern when you have it proofed!

Deb from