Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dog and Cat quilt - recap

Here is a look back at the development of my Dog and Cat Quilt.

I started with my design: a large central rectangle with the silhouettes of a dog and cat; keeping the quilt more modern with large blocks on the sides and a long border top and bottom. I could have put blocks all the way around to make the design more traditional. Not a right or wrong way, just different!
Kelly Wood ©2011

I wanted the fabrics to be distinctive, clearly dogs and cats. I also wanted large areas in which to free-motion quilt, but using fabrics that were busy so my quilting did not need to be very dense.

The large blocks could have been areas of dense stitches, and that would have been my choice if I had used quieter prints, or solids. In that case, I would have also used a thread in a contrasting color to use the stitches as a distinctive  design element.

This same layout could go in very diverse directions depending on fabric choices. The center could be a panel print with the side blocks and top & bottom in coordinates. The sashing could be a mottled batik or solid in a color that highlights all the prints. Or the center could be a large scale abstract print with the sashing all in white (or black), and the blocks in Kona solids. A block layout like is very adaptable to your fabric choices.

I am very happy with my thread choices (variegated beige by King Tut in all background areas on the front, black YLI quilting cotton on the dog and cat figures on the front, and ecru YLI quilting cotton in my bobbin). I am also happy with my applique method of using the quilt basting spray instead of a fusible.

I hope this peak into my thought process/decisions has been interesting. Feel free to comment or ask questions!

Next up for me, I am doing some "stunt sewing"! 

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