Wednesday, March 28, 2007

more of my truths

Every child should be wanted.
Every child should be loved.
Every pet should be cared for.
If you are not a professional pet breeder, get your pet neutered!
If you love your pet, keep it safe and respect your neighbors by keeping your pet safe!
Children (and some adults) need to learn consideration for others. A little courtesy is good too!
If "no" doesn't work, try "Hell, no".
Being a patriot doesn't mean you are a hawk. And being a dove doesn't mean you are not a patriot.
Vote. Millions have died (and still die each day) for the right and privilege.
If you smoke, do it at home, because I don't and don't want too. Or better yet, quit.
Support your local (you fill in the blank). Buying local is good for the economy, and the environment. If you shop locally and don't see what you want or need, tell the owner/manager, chances are they will get it for you and you won't have to drive to get it!
Eat more vegetables and fruit.
Tell you significant other that you love them, every single day, often. And kiss them too! This goes for any progeny you may have as well!

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