Sunday, March 18, 2007

Okay, so I have been slack at the blog of late,

but with extra daylight in the evening, I have been getting outside instead of on-line.
Seems spring is nigh upon us.

The quality of sunlight has shifted with the shifting of our axis, and it is greatly improving my mood. It is amazing how much the sunlight means to a simple creature such as myself. The birds are singing early in the morning, so even though it is still quite dark when I get up, I do not feel all alone.

It has been a quiet time in my corporate jungle this past week. The sales reps were all in the annual sales meeting. Amazing at what we can accomplish when the phone is not ringing and the emails are not piling up. My market segment has increased 400% in just 2 years. We have put 4 times the new patterns in production in that time. Now I know part of this is due to the passing of time and the cycles inherent in the Hospitality business, but I like to think it is also due to the talent and skills of my superb team of designers. I get overwhelmed by the workload sometimes, but when I get the numbers, it makes me smile!

The Grom has been involved in a dramatic production the weekend. "Remains to be seen" is a dinner theater whodunit performed by the Honors Theater class at HHS. We (Grom's parents and grands) attended last night. We had a blast! These are some talented people led by an enthusiastic and talented teacher, Joshua Scott.

Grom and Nana

Grom and Papa

Grom and Meme and Hannah.

We had fun, and good food. And now, I am going outside to get some rays and vitamin D.

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