Thursday, March 1, 2007

little friday

"everybody's workin for the weekend" the old Loverboy song. Seems like my life of late. I get up Monday mornings and work straight thru to Friday nights. Feels like I don't have time for personal needs, much less recreation and sleep. I am looking forward to the early arrival of Daylight savings time next week. Maybe I will have enough daylight left when I get home to ride my bike and walk my hounds.

This week has been intense. Textiles made in the USA may be on the endangered list, but we are busier than a one-legged man in a room full of rocking chairs! (I love to mix my metaphors!) I have brought my laptop home with homework every night this week and still will churn out the work this weekend. We are in a major color work phase and our customers are starving for new product. It is amazing to be creative on demand! My team is cranking our great design work, we can design it much faster than our samples can be woven! And to top it off, our new DD (Director of Design) started this week so I was introducing her to people, places and processes. Yes, I was nervous and anxious about meeting her. Design is a very personality and ego driven field (regardless of the product) and I have tolerated some real ego freaks. My most recent boss (who is still in the command chain, just a rung further up the ladder) has been the absolute BEST boss I have ever had, so losing him has been difficult for me, but this new person he has hired is awesome! She is a nice person with great energy and drive. I feel like we got very lucky with her and the new personality charges up our group chemistry.
My poor husband has been stuck on St. Simon's Island in Georgia for a class all week. As great as our weather has been, it was that much better by the sea. He knows how much I love the beach and called me while watching a pod of dolphins playing just off shore. I can close my eyes and the rain outside starts to sound like waves breaking on the jetty at Fort Macon......
Some day I will live near the ocean. and hopefully it will not be due to the melting of our ice caps!

Speaking of melting ice caps: How can people not believe in climate change? Does driving a huge carbon emitting, petroleum chugging land-yacht kill brain cells? How did our American belief of "Bigger is Better" begin? Now I am not petite, and I come from a very tall people, so this has nothing to do with body image. I drive a Honda (which I love!) and have always loved compact, well-designed, contained objects, so I just do not get it. This is such a larger societal issue. Is it just me our do we seem to be a culture of people who feel "entitled"? As in, I am entitled to use all the resources I want, I am entitled to pollute as much as I want, never mind anyone else! I think we have become coarser and ruder (?) as a culture. It is disappointing. Local governments seem more concerned with the financial costs related to effective recycling, but what about the long-term, big-picture costs? There are major arguments over inter-basin water transfers, but what will we do when our groundwater is too polluted to drink? Recycled goods currently tend to cost more upfront, but it is just the right thing to do to use, purchase and fund. If we start now, we will do well by doing good. Enough preaching and griping. Tomorrow is Friday. Happy weekend!

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