Sunday, March 11, 2007

Beautiful day

This has been a spectacular day. Got in an hour on the bike at the greenway this morning, then walked the hounds this afternoon. Even sat outside doing nothing for a while. I have missed the sun. I feel more energy flowing through me with the sunlight. I am a warm weather person. Must have been an iguana in another incarnation.
Really, it makes plenty of sense to me to lay around on a warm rock at times. Here's a handsome iguana I met in Mexico last fall.

Anyway, another weekend has sped by. Tomorrow is another Monday. But I will have enough daylight to ride my bike and walk my dogs when I get home.

Not much to gripe about today. The Tarheels won the ACC tournament and got a #1 seed in the East so my husband is happy. Hope tomorrow is calm and sunny!

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