Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Survived another day

Well spring is finally here. My energy is good and my stress-coping is as well. Needed it today! My early am dental appointment was a trial. I absolutely hate the experience of the dental x-ray. My gag reflex was in overdrive. You'd think someone would develop a flexible film. Otherwise, I survived.
I arrived in my corporate environs only to be ambushed by 5 people actually waiting in line at my office door. And a surprise visit from a customer and sales rep. Then I put out fires and talked people off of ledges all day. I thought this was fabric design! I believe I am a "sin-eater"; everyone comes to me with their troubles and problems both work-related and personal. I am reaching my limit. I need a day to just work, do some new designs, solve some problems.
Or maybe I'll just take another pill! Better living through chemistry!

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