Saturday, July 24, 2010

What I've been Up 2

I have been remiss in blogging lately. The heat, oh the heat, makes me want to stay in a cool shower for a while, and then lay under my ceiling fan. But life called and I have to work! But when the work day is done, I drive home, tend the hounds, then to the "sweat shop". And this week, I have completed the quilting on my Carpenter's Star, which I have done in Christmas fabrics as a gift for my MIL. It looks exactly like I wanted!

I used my even-feed foot to outline the star and the background.

 Then, I fmq'ed a meander in the background areas.

 I did a fancy border design in the inner white border.

 And I added an all-over loopy swirl in the outer border.

My MIL's birthday is in September. She will be 81. We call her Meme, so this quilt is "Meme's Christmas Star". She loves to decorate for Christmas and I know she will love this quilt!

Oh, yeah!  The full-shot!

 What do ya think?


Dobbygirl said...

Looks great! I'm sure she'll love it!

bettyp said...

OH!! That came out beautiful!! Great job!!! She will love it!!

Angie said...

Beautiful quilts ... love the colors too!
Angie -