Thursday, July 15, 2010

Center is together

Now its BORDER TIME!!! Remember when you could go online and see the technicians at Dell building your own personal computer? 

This series of posts reminds me of that. But much slower!

I got all the center blocks and setting triangles sewn together. Next up is sewing the flannel blanket strips on for a thin inner border. I measured and calculated and ciphered and I do have enough! Then the decision for the wider outer border. I could use a solid light neutral, or the Garden Trellis fabric that I am using for the back. I am leaning toward the Garden Trellis fabric. I think the brightness of the pink will frame this quilt beautifully! This quilt top is so soft, it is really going to be a good one to wrap up in! 

I am planning on taking this to work next week to pin baste since we have high work tables and it is much easier on my back.

Then let the quilting begin.


Dobbygirl said...

You are rocking and rollig on this - wowza. You know I just threw that blanket in last minute. So funny how things work out! Girl you are awesome!

True Blue Nana said...

I am usually not drawn to pink but this looks great. I love the way you combined red and pink. Great job.