Wednesday, July 14, 2010

All the blocks are done!

Now time to sew the rows together!

I have to piece each row with the appropriate setting triangle, then sew each row together. Next will be the inner border, I want to do it with the flannel blanket I just hope there is enough! Then the outer border. Next I will piece the backing, layer and quilt.

Since this is extra layered, I am thinking of straight line quilting with my even feed foot in the main body, then a swirl free-motion in the setting triangles and border. I really am happy with this. It is turning out exactly as I saw it in my mind! Seems the recipient is happy too! ;o)

Glad I have this project. It gives me something to look forward to each night. This is one of those nights when a wave of loneliness for my husband and the frustration of the house not selling are really getting to me. That and I am asking to sob since I am going to watch "Deadliest Catch" and tonight is the one where Capt. Phil Harris passes away. 

My quilting fills so many needs for me: an outlet for my creativity (that doesn't completely get tapped at work), a soothing, relaxing hobby that settles my anxiety, a way to make my friends and loved ones happy. That and I get to play with beautiful fabrics and make wonderful stitches. I believe we all need something in our lives that gives us joy, and for me, this is it!


Jen said...

Well said! Aren't we lucky that we have the best hobby in the world?! Your quilt is looking great. I think that straight line quilting will be perfect!

Nancy said...

I love the colors in these blocks. Must try them sometime.