Monday, July 26, 2010

Developing a quilt, part 2

I need to sew. I need to have a project to develop. I really don't watch a lot of TV, I like to be "creating". So what to do, when I am tired, but need the relaxation of the zen of sewing? Well, that is one reason I keep my scraps.

Now sometimes they do seem to take over and I must whip them into shape! But that is part of my creative exercises. I like to 'fondle' the fabric. I like to fold the pieces, arrange by color and pattern, try different pattern groupings. I never know what idea will come, but I have found it is a good way to get the idea for my next quilt.

 I have discovered that I really enjoy the quick projects I can make with pre-cut fabrics. And I LOVE pre-cuts (fat-quarters, jelly rolls, honey buns, layer cakes, makes me hungry!). But in the interest of reducing my waste (shame I can't seem to reduce my waist!) AND as an homage to quilters of the past, I recently arranged my scraps into pre-cut sets. (Yep, there's my Amy Butler dots again!). I pressed and cut my scraps into 2.5" by 12.5" strips, 1.5" by 12.5" strips, 5" squares and 10" squares. So after a big quilt project (where I have co-ordinated fabric, or have made a quilt for someone) I have these pieces ready to go.

  Sort of mindless, relaxing quilting! But also a way of remembering the quilts I have made by the scraps I have left.

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Vicki W said...

I think doing that is very zen.