Sunday, July 25, 2010

Developing a quilt, part 1

Since I am in the quilting phase of another quilt (for dobbygirl!) and that is not easy to document, I decided to create a few posts about the ways I develop my quilts and what inspires me. I hope you find it entertaining!

Method 1 - Or what happens when I fall head-over-heels for a print!

 See that big poppy print? That's what did me in! I love bright poppies, I love seeing them grow in the medians where the DOT plants them en mass. I have tried to grow them, but have no luck. Still, they captivate me. I saw this collection of prints and ordered the fat-quarter pack. In the Spice colorway. You see, I also love orange. Now I mean, I LOVE the color orange. It makes me happy. I have an orange chenille chair in my den. 

To me it is optimistic, warm, happy. It catches the eye. And what is opposite of orange on the color wheel? Blue. So the combination of orange and blue creates energy. When I received the fabric, I loved it even more! So, with the vague idea of an orange and blue quilt, I have been collecting fat quarters. See those orange dots? That is my all-time favorite Amy Butler fabric. I have been hoarding my last pieces of it and this is the place for it. So what's next for this quilt? Well, I have vague ideas for the design. I have even made a couple of sample blocks.

But I haven't decided yet on the pattern. I have also been scouring the 'net for more fabric. This one will be a beauty!

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Barbara said...

Love the combo of fabrics you chose. That poppy fabric is wonderful. Is it from a new line?