Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Winter blahs, and it's not even February yet!

I am trying to dig out cute pictures to keep myself from diving under the covers to wait out winter. The adorable pup seen here is my brother's, her name is Zuni. She is so sweet, and very smart.
Today has been a true winter day: dull, gray light, sound muffled by the growing cloud cover, my staff playing Chicken Little about the possible snow! I do not know which I hate more: the weather people hyping up the possibility, my staff all aflutter about the possibility or dealing with the white stuff itself. I believe it would be better if the weather was just accepted for what it is, rather than something to guess and speculate on. "Hot enough for ye?" "We shore do need the rain!" Weather, we can talk about it but have no control over it!
At least it is Wednesday. One day closer to the weekend. Man-cub is coming home Friday. He will breeze in Friday around 6. Sleep til noon. Hang out with his friends. We need to get some groceries!

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Jacob said...

Now mom, Ill be up before noon, it may be around 10, but not noon.