Saturday, January 26, 2008

burned candle at both ends, now extinguished

All of the non-stop activity of the past 6 months has finally worn me down. The cold I had developed in PV turned into bronchitis and I have been benched by it! I have tried to keep going, but after feeling worse than pond-scum on Thursday, I finally went to the doctor yesterday.
He took one look at me and said "this has wiped you out!" He wasn't even my regular MD, one of the associates (but so delightfully kind and sweet!) So now, rest, fluids (not tequila), antibiotics. I am not feeling better yet, but maybe by tomorrow!

Hubby and I are finalizing a presentation for a friend this weekend. At least I can do the PowerPoint stuff in my pjs! When we met with him Thursday night, he loved what we had come up with! Now we are tweaking. It is great to get positive feedback from a friend and client.

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Jacob said...


I think you just need to Harden the F**K up.
Not really but you do need to get better. Tell me if there is anyone I need to take into a bak ally way.