Thursday, January 3, 2008

Paying the piper

This is a very cheap brand of tequila available in the local markets in PV. It is the "Reposado" brand, but considering the picture on the label (and the fact it was both bottles together for about $4US), I thought it would translate to "Old Goat". I have found that it really means "reclined", " to take a rest" and (no surprise) "to be buried". Well, I feel bad enough for all three, but not from imbibing in cheap tequila. Oh, no, the reason for my discomfort had to come from breathing in the toxic recirculated air from the planes. Strange, I wasn't sick whilst prancing about the tropics in my swim suit and sandals. As soon as I get properly clothed and shod, I fall victim to a horrid malaise. I just was never meant for winter in at this latitude.

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