Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Feliz Nuevo Ano!!!

We arrived back in the states yesterday at 5:49pm. We finally got through customs and back to the car at 8pm. Wow, we waited in line to return (as natural born citizens) longer than all the lines combined to get into and out of Mexico! Something is seriously wrong with that!
Enough griping about out bureucracy.

Yes, we survived our trip to Puerto Vallarta. This is a wild, hard-partying, rustic, remote, Paradise. The Sierra Madre range dips right into the Bahia de Banderas, the rainforest jungles are full of towering palms, parasitic ficus, vivid birds, volcanos and wonderful people. The Tequila they make here (this is the true HOME of Tequila) is a clear, smooth, insidious monster. It goes down too easily. First you start with a 2-figer shot, the next thing you know, you've lost 14 hours! Whew! Everywhere you go, there is an open bar and charming natives pouring and offering limes! We ventured on a Sierra Madre tour (open bar, all the tequila & cervesa you can drink), a whale-watching tour (open bar and bartender) and spent much time on the beach (many open bars, waiters come to you chaise to take your order) and in Puerto Vallarta (too many drink options to count). My man-cub seemed to enjoy himself greatly. He went out with a bunch of Canadians one night and ended up with a new piercing!
A great vacation, and fabulous way to spend the week between Christmas and New Years. More pictures and tales to come.

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Anonymous said...

I hope the piercing was not a Prince Albert...Glad you had fun!!