Friday, January 11, 2008

Stray musings of the week

Well, Man-Cub made his way back to M-boro with his new piercing. I have hacked and coughed non-stop since 1/1/08. Probably a sinus infection but I am trying to wait it out since I have no fever. Hubby ended up smuggling a friend back from SOB (South of the Border): Montezuma's Revenge. Yep, a sweet parasite, he has dropped significant weight, but now is on Xtreme antibiotics and starting to look human again.
Another week has ended and I am fascinated by the caucuses and primaries and all the jockeying for votes. Seems like this election has been going on forever. I really like the fact that the pundits got New Hampshire wrong. In the race to be first with information, they too often convince the public that the elections have already been sewn up, which in turn makes voters believe their vote won't matter and then they don't vote! Personally, I am leaning toward Obama. I am very ready for a change. I believe the old, fat, white men have had their turn and done a job on our country. I guess as a woman, most would expect me to be for Hillary. I don't hate her (as many do), but I see her as too much of an insider. That could be an asset, but I think the politicians are too far removed from our reality and have completely forgotten what it is like to really work to pay bills. I also believe our founding fathers (while complete sexist, but appropriate for their time) intended for us to truly govern ourselves. Not create career politicians. That is what I don't like about Edwards. He got elected to the Senate and has done nothing since except campaign to become president.
So in case any candidates happen upon my musings, here are the concerns of a middle-aged (but very HOT) wife, mother and designer (me):
1. The Environment: we need to protect our planet.
2. The Economy: the shrinking middle class should scare everyone. We are slowly becoming a nation of haves and have-nots.
3. The war in Iraq: bring the troops home, let them rest up, then send them to the Gulf to resurrect those cities, towns and communities damaged by Katrina. The lack of help in this disaster is a National Shame.
4. Peace. We are more alike than we are different. Let's find peaceful ways to resolve conflict.

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