Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Most Beautiful Beach

Yep, it is very remote! We arrived there in the back of a huge Mercedes 4WD truck, after climbing and descending many ancient cobblestone paths. We had stopped in a tiny village, El Colomo, to visit with the farmers of this valley. We had hiked through semi-evergreen rain forests (where the classic Schwarzenegger flick "Predator" was shot). We were hot, sweaty, dirty and had been drinking mas frio cervesas. Then, we made one last descent and landed here.
A small, crescent shaped beach, bordered by the rocky by-products of the local volcanoes. A delightful Mexican-grilled repast awaited us (steak, chicken,
chorizo, arroz, tomatoes, cukes, homemade tortillas, and of course, the ubiquitous open bar). We wondered about, ate drank and rested.Paradise exists. We've been there.

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