Thursday, March 17, 2011

too busy to blog

yup, it's one of those weeks. Work has been slamming especially since I was visiting customers last week. Good visits lead to projects and orders so I have been trying to generate a priority list and check items off. Compound that by our being incredibly lean (means we do not have enough bodies!) and the fact 2 of our number have been out (really not enough bodies!). So, I put my ear buds in and bury myself in my CAD from 8 to 5. Then I get home and can you say "Spring" and "DAYLIGHT"? We get outside with the dogs. I then sequester myself in the studio where I am quilting the T-shirt quilt. Which is large. And I want to do a good job.

What does all this blah, blah, blah mean?

Means you have to settle for a Barn Quilt instead of something from me! But it is a new discovery! It is on my route, off of Hwy 67 near the RagAppleLassie vineyard.

Love this! And love how bright it was with the sun shining on it this afternoon. Like a smile and a hug!

Some random thoughts:
Like most, the events in Japan are on my mind. One of my friends (and colleague) is from Kobe. Her mother and brother are still there. This connection makes this tragedy so close. Fortunately, Kobe was not affected directly by the earthquake or the tsunami. But we have yet to understand the extent of the radiation from the damaged nuclear power plant. I offer my thoughts and prayers for the beautiful, kind Japanese people in this time. I know they have the fortitude to rebound stronger from this tragedy. 

More randomness, on a positve note:
my beautiful son is home for a long weekend. The first in 2 months! While we speak almost daily, it is so nice to have him here!

I am teaching my beginning free-motion class Saturday and I am looking forward to a day in my LQS!

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Jenny said...

Looks like you are a good busy and having your son around is a blessing. I'm with you on the feelings for Japan. Just watched a segment about how if it rains near the oil refinery, the residents need to stay out of the rain because the chemicals will come down and would be bad. Just scary.