Friday, March 18, 2011

random stuff

I am sneaking in a post before my baby boy and I begin our day. 
Let me explain, my baby is a 21 yr-old university senior (Appalachian State-Go Apps!) 

and is home for the first time since Christmas. He has a part time job in retail, so I haven't got to spend quality time with him in a looooooong time. For you mothers-of-daughters out there, there really is no difference in the level of closeness: my son and I are very close. Likewise he and his dad (my hubby!) In fact, all 3 of us are rather tight, and this empty nest thing does take some getting used to! But, I digress. Baby Boy and I are spending today together, and since I am teaching tomorrow, he and Hubby are are playing tomorrow. And Sunday since we are in the midst of March Madness and they are going to Charlotte for the Eastern Regional games on Sunday, but I digress again!  

Back to quilt stuff.

Found a few neat posts in my Goggle Reader this week:
My LQS spied in this post.

Getting sick of a quilt? Been there. This post really hit me!

Discussion, Squawk, Baby posted about quilt monogamy. And while I practice this with the majority of my projects, I took a look at my history and realized I like to have quilts in different stages at the same time: one being quilted (the longest relationship), one being pieced (in the throes of the passion) and 1 or 2 being planned (oh, yeah, I am a fickle girl!). In retrospect, I have these going because I have so many quilts to make in my head, I need to get them out in the world before I forget them! Crazy! And there are more in my head even now thanks to all the wonder quilt/bloggers out there!

Finally, my friend Kim won 2 seconds and an honorable mention at the Mountain Quiltfest. So happy and proud for her!

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