Saturday, March 19, 2011


Today is National Quilt Day. I am teaching my Free-Motion Quilting Basics class; spending the day with my quilty friends within my LQS. 

Here is a link to the National Quilting Association where you can download this  free pattern. 

I quilt because I love it. I love planning a quilt design, selecting fabric, dying fabric, cutting fabric, piecing, and free-motion quilting. I have even learned to love the binding! I love quilt magazines, quilt shops and barn quilts. I love old quilts, feedsack quilts, modern quilts, art quilts. I love thread, machines and talking quilts. I dream of quilting and when I was stuck in the airport for 12 hours last week, I daydreamed about quilting to keep calm! I love the reactions I get get when I gift a quilt and when I sell a quilt. Why do you quilt?

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Phyllis said...

Thanks for the link.

Hope all your students had as much fun in your class today as I did in the earlier ones.

Am currently quilting the one with the black background that I showed you. Have liked being able to leave the feed dogs up.

Think that the best thing I got from your class was confidence.